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10+ Ad Networks to Use Alongside AdSense to Boost Your Earnings

A list of ad networks that you can use in conjunction with Google AdSense to create additional sources of revenue and generate higher earnings for yourself.

Google AdSense has been the go-to advertising network for online marketers, webmasters and bloggers since the dawn of the internet. Or at least since its initial release in 2003.

It’s highly effective and reliable for generating revenue from your site, but if you have good traffic, you might want to consider supplementing your income with other revenue sources that are easy to implement and work well with AdSense.

media net

In recent years, has become the number two online ad network, only behind AdSense, and it’s little wonder why. They are the exclusive operator and provider of Yahoo! Bing Network’s contextual ads across the world.

With the likes of Forbes, Cosmopolitan, and ELLE as publishers showing advertising by advertisers, you’re in the company of some high-powered brands and companies when you show advertisements from

Features including highly contextual ads, mobile docking, in-content advertising, and desktop interstitial advertising, you won’t find yourself lacking on the feature side when implementing and using advertisements.

By supplementing your AdSense advertisements with’s selection, you will not only prevent all your advertising revenue from being lost if something happens to your AdSense account, but you will provide yourself with the largest selection of possible ad types, formats, and optimizations out there.

Taboola, OutbrainRevcontent


By relying solely on traditional forms of advertising such as banners and sidebar ads, you’ll be settling for less than you should, because native advertising isn’t just a new kid on the block anymore, but in fact here to stay for good.

Native advertising companies that promote content discovery and advertising such as Taboola, Outbrain, and Revcontent are an excellent choice of income supplementation for sites that feature news, articles or regular content of any type.

Have you ever visited a website, such as NBC, CNN or ESPN, and noticed a small box that says “Promoted Stories” or “Featured Articles” or something similar? Congratulations, you’ve officially noticed an offering by Taboola, Outbrain, Revcontent or another one of the plethora of content focused advertising networks.

Get your content discovered by readers of sites such as NBC and CNN, or promote stories from other marketers yourself, either way you go, new levels of success await.


Two major players in the in-text advertising genre of ad networks, both Infolinks and Kontera (rebranded as Amobee) offer solutions to promote products and offers to your readers subtly while they are engaged in your content.

Although many of the larger networks who offer multiple forms of advertisements provide in-text advertising too, sometimes the specialist networks who focus on a certain type of advertising are better suited for the job.

Regardless of which network you choose, in-text advertising provides you with an opportunity to spread the revenue over multiple networks, which also acts as a safeguard in case one of them starts acting up—not to mention the additional revenue.


Gum Gum

In-image advertising is not as widely recognized a concept as native advertising when it comes to the big boys like Taboola and Outbrain, but it is a strong alternative for those with image heavy sites, such as image sharing sites, fashion, nature, and other similar blogs or photography websites.

Using images as a form of advertisement is something that has been brought to the attention of publishers more recently than most other forms of advertising, but it is strongly taking over the image focused sites with the clever solution to their advertising problems.

With a rather limited selection of websites that can efficiently use this format, in-image advertising will not be the next big hit, but is more likely to provide niche website owners and bloggers with a solution to increase their advertising revenues.

Undertone, PopAdsInfinity Ads


Pop ups and pop under advertisements are superb in their effectiveness, but with the downside of potential customer and audience irritation; the sites that employ these advertisements are usually image sharing or file hosting sites.

These types of sites will receive visitors with or without the pop ups and thus can afford to implement them for increased profitability.

However, many of the larger news sites and magazines have been seen to implement pop up advertising in increasing numbers recently, and this shows their potential on a larger scale as well.

If you wish to implement these ads, a good idea would be to visit some sites using Undertone, PopAds or Infinity Ads, and checking out what you don’t like about them and what seems to work. A little research goes a long way.


We’ve gone through five different types of ad networks you can use to supplement your AdSense revenue, and make your site hit a new advertising high.

You could argue that you can easily make AdSense or do the exact same thing without having to register and work different networks.

However, what if AdSense suspends your account? Who pays the bills then? This is why you should spread your assets over a few different networks, maintaining a backup revenue source without having to reinvent yourself as an affiliate marketer and working with Amazon or Clickbank.

The networks we’ve listed are some of the top players in their respective fields, and definitely worth a shot, but don’t forget that there are dozens, if not hundreds of capable ad networks for you to choose from.

By reading this article you’ve taken the first step to a safely distributed revenue stream that will continue to provide for you through setbacks and difficulties. You just have to be smart about your revenue sources.


1. How does ad network make money?

Networks earn money by taking a cut of ad revenue or by marking up inventory before selling it. In the campaign panel of the ad network, the advertiser can monitor and manage the ad’s performance.

2. How do I choose the best ad network?

Before choosing an ad network, consider these factors:
i. Make sure you do your research. Take note of the ad networks running on the websites you admire. 
ii. Network size. 
iii. Ad quality. 
iv. Formats and placement requirements for ads. 
v. Compensation. 
vi. Support and management of ads.
vii. Conclusion

3. Can I use multiple ad networks?

It is possible and recommended that you do so. A publisher can integrate more than one ad network. In contrast, not all ad networks are allowed to work alongside Google AdSense. AdSense can be used with Google certified ad networks.

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