Explore powerful adsense alternatives for optimizing your ad revenue. Our blog details the top 35 alternatives to Adsense, ensuring effective results for your monetization efforts.

Google AdSense is popular among publishers or bloggers as it provides a relatively easy way to generate revenue through ads. Not only publishers, but it also benefits advertisers by allowing them to reach a wide audience through targeted advertising.

AdSense offers different ad formats, including display ads, text ads, link units, and more, providing flexibility for publishers to choose what works best for their websites.

However, AdSense is not the only ad network, there are multiple AdSense alternatives out there for publishers to explore. So, if you’re dissatisfied with Google AdSense, worry not, there’s so much to explore, and in this blog, we are going to discuss just that.

But first, let’s understand exactly what is Google Adsense.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising program that allows website owners and publishers to monetize their online content by displaying targeted ads on their websites. 

Advertisers bid on ad space, and Google uses its technology to display relevant ads based on the content of the site and the interests of the site’s visitors.

As of now, there are a staggering 1,721,339 websites in the United States that are currently using Google AdSense. However, the world of online advertising is ever-evolving, and publishers always seek new opportunities and alternatives to explore. For those looking to expand their horizons beyond Google AdSense, there are indeed compelling AdSense alternatives available. 

How Does Google AdSense Work?

Using Google AdSense is simple and easy. Google has a lot of tutorials and the platform is extremely intuitive. Here are the general steps for the following:

1. Application and Approval

The first step in using Google AdSense is for website owners and publishers to apply for the program.

They submit an application through the AdSense website, and Google reviews the website’s content, structure, and adherence to AdSense policies.

Once approved, the website owner gains access to the AdSense dashboard and receives a unique ad code.

2. Ad Code Placement:

After approval, the website owner integrates the provided ad code into the HTML of their website. This code is strategically placed on pages where the owner wants ads to appear. When a visitor accesses the website, the ad code triggers a real-time auction where advertisers bid for the chance to display their ads on the site. The ad code dynamically selects the winning ad based on factors such as the visitor’s location, interests, and the content of the page.

3. Revenue Generation and Payment:

As visitors interact with the ads, website owners earn revenue. The interaction can take various forms, such as clicks on the ads or impressions (views). Google tracks these interactions and calculates the earnings accordingly. Advertisers pay Google for the advertising space, and Google shares a portion of that revenue with the website owner. 

The accumulated earnings are visible in the AdSense dashboard, and payments are typically issued on a monthly basis, subject to a payment threshold.

It’s essential for website owners to comply with AdSense policies to maintain eligibility and ensure a positive experience for both users and advertisers. AdSense provides a transparent and automated platform for the monetization of online content, benefiting publishers, advertisers, and users alike. 

Which Type of Websites are Best for Adsense?

Google AdSense is versatile and can be used on a variety of websites, but certain types of websites tend to perform better with AdSense due to their content, audience, and engagement. Here are some types of websites that generally work well with AdSense:

Content-rich Blogs

Websites that regularly publish high-quality, original content on a specific adsense niche or topic can do well with AdSense. Blogs that offer valuable information, and insights, and engage a dedicated audience often attract relevant ads, leading to higher click-through rates.

News Websites

Websites that provide up-to-date and relevant news content can benefit from AdSense. News articles often attract advertisers looking to reach audiences interested in current events, and the dynamic nature of news can lead to a continuous flow of new ads.

Niche Websites

Websites focusing on a specific niche or industry can be lucrative with AdSense. Advertisers are often interested in targeting specific audiences, and niche websites allow for more targeted ad placements, increasing the likelihood of user engagement.

How-to Guides and Tutorials

Websites that offer instructional content, tutorials, and how-to guides can attract users seeking information and solutions. Advertisers providing products or services related to these topics may find such websites appealing for advertising.

Review Websites

Websites that provide reviews of products, services, or experiences can be suitable for AdSense. Users often visit review sites to gather information before making a purchase decision, making them attractive to advertisers in various industries.

Forum and Community Websites

Active forums and community websites with engaged user bases can generate revenue through AdSense. Advertisers may be interested in reaching specific demographics or interest groups that frequent these communities.

Why Should You Look for Adsense Alternatives?

AdSense is ideal for small and medium-sized publishers with minimal resources to dedicate to ad management and implementation and limited technical knowledge. It is a lightweight and reliable program, offering publishers a fair share of revenue generated from clicks. Nonetheless, it’s not the only solution.

There are a few disadvantages to Google’s platform that don’t make it a good choice for certain sites. Here are some common reasons to look for Google AdSense alternatives:

1. Frequent Rejection

AdSense is easy to use and integrate, but it may not be suitable for everyone. If you don’t have enough content, your AdSense application could be rejected. In such cases, you might need to explore options beyond AdSense.

2. Banned AdSense Account

Google AdSense has a predefined set of rules and policies in place to prevent click fraud and safeguard advertisers. If you’ve inadvertently violated any of these policies and your account has been banned, you’ll need to consider alternative options.

3. Diversifying Income Sources

Diversifying your income sources and supplementing your ad revenue with alternative ad networks can be an effective way to improve your eCPMs.

4. Limited Ad Types

Although AdSense is a time-tested ad network, its contextual text ads may not always blend seamlessly with the site’s design or layout. Other ad networks provide more flexibility by allowing you to include other types of ads in your content.

The extent of customization options differs from service to service, but many networks let you customize the size and color of ad units to match your website’s theme and original content.

5. Minimum Payout

AdSense has a minimum payout threshold of $100, which is higher than that of some alternative ad networks. This means you will not be able to withdraw any money unless you make it to $100.

6. Revenue Share

Publishers on AdSense receive 68% of the revenue generated by ads on their website, which is a quite competitive rate. However, if you have a high-traffic website with exceptional content, the Adsense alternative offers a better share of the revenue.

7. Language Barrier

Google AdSense has a predefined list of supported languages. Consequently, many less widely spoken languages are not included. If you are a publisher who uses one of these unsupported languages, you may need to consider an alternative to Google AdSense.

8. Eligibility Criteria

Google AdSense has stringent eligibility criteria, and not all websites or content creators may meet these requirements. If a website is relatively new, has low traffic, or does not comply with AdSense content policies, it may face challenges getting approved. In such cases, individuals or publishers might seek alternatives with more lenient eligibility criteria.

9. Ad Quality

AdSense provides a range of ad formats, but some publishers may prefer more control over the types of ads displayed on their sites. Alternative ad networks might offer different ad formats or allow more granular control over ad appearance to better align with the publisher’s preferences.

10. Impressions vs Click-through Rate (CTR)

If a website has a high number of impressions but a consistently low click-through rate, it may result in lower overall revenue generation through AdSense. Publishers seeking to optimize their revenue may explore alternative ad networks that offer different ad formats, targeting options, or higher CPM rates to improve earnings despite a lower CTR.

11. Control over your ad setup

The level of control a publisher has over their ad setup can significantly impact their monetization strategy and the overall user experience on their website. Here are several reasons why someone might consider looking for AdSense alternatives based on the desire for more control over their ad setup:

12. Ad Placement and Integration

AdSense provides some customization options, but publishers seeking more precise control over the placement and integration of ads on their websites may explore alternatives. Some ad networks offer greater flexibility in choosing where and how ads are displayed to ensure seamless integration with the site’s design and layout.

12. Ad Customization

Customization is a bit cumbersome in Google AdSense if you are not used to the platform. Publishers who want to experiment with unique ad formats or creative designs may find that AdSense alternatives provide more options for customization. Some networks may support interactive or visually engaging ad formats that allow for greater creativity in aligning ads with the overall look and feel of the website.

13. Narrow Range of Ad Types

The decision to explore some of the top AdSense alternatives out there due to a narrow range of ad types can be influenced by a publisher’s desire for more diverse and innovative advertising options. As new ad formats and trends emerge, some publishers may seek alternatives that are quick to adopt and support these innovations. Ad networks that stay at the forefront of industry trends can offer publishers opportunities to experiment with emerging ad types and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

How Much Does Google AdSense Pay Per 1000 Views? 

Publishers every now and then wonder “How much does Google AdSense pay per 1000 views”, but the answer is not so straightforward. The amount Google AdSense pays to the publishers varies from industry to industry, location, time on site, and many other factors. However, Google AdSense average CPM is somewhere between $0.5 to $2.5 per thousand views.

Top 35 Best Google Adsense Alternatives (Google AdSense competitors)

Here are some of the best alternatives to Google AdSense that you can consider:

1) Adpushup 

Google Adsense Alternative

With AdPushup, publishers can optimize their revenue potential by leveraging an array of diverse ad formats and sizes. We are an exceptionally user-friendly advertising network, serving as an alternative to Adsense. Further, we are a Google Certified Premier Publishing Partner and a dynamic and innovative alternative to Adsense. We take pride in continually redefining the way publishers optimize their revenue streams. Our cutting-edge platform empowers publishers with access to a diverse range of premium buyers, including Google Adx, Google EBDA, Amazon, and an array of other renowned platforms. 

We believe in maximizing your potential; thus, we offer a plethora of revenue optimization tools to take your ad revenue to new heights.

Benefits of using Adpushup  

  1. Easy Setup and Intuitive Usage – Experience seamless integration and effortless utilization with AdPushup’s user-friendly platform. We have redefined simplicity to its core, making setup and usage a breeze. 
  2. Your Trustworthy Allies – When you partner with Adpushup, you gain access to a dedicated and highly knowledgeable account management team. Our team is always ready to listen, strategize, and respond to support publishers in their monetization journey. 
  3. Packed with Features – Reach your revenue potential with features such as Ad Refresh, Price Floor, and much more.  

2) Geniee 

Geniee is one of the best AdSense alternatives, with over 5000+ publishers using their supply-side platform.

Adsense alternatives

The ad formats they provide are high on viewability for both desktop and mobile, including native ads, display ads, social media ads, YouTube video instream, and out-stream ads.

Along with innovative ad formats, they offer SSP, DSP, and support from ad operation experts. 

Geniee supply-side services ensure you get the most out of every impression. They provide access to 100+ demand partners, multiple ad optimization solutions, video hosting support, Google policies and products, AI tools, app demand, and support. 

Publishers also can work with their revenue optimization specialists to ensure that their ad positioning and placement yield the highest revenue possible.

Benefits of Using Geniee as an AdSense Alternative

  1. Revenue Benefits: Publishers can sell inventory at the highest bidding price through the RTB mechanism.
  2. Technology-Driven Platform: A technology-driven platform based on machine learning algorithms, AI, data science, and multivariate tests that help publishers gain revenue and competitive advantages.
  3. Transparent Process: Transparency in sharing revenue reports, and automatic payment of revenue share are the two main benefits for publishers.
  4. Inventory Optimization: Publishers get complete control of their ad inventory, ad placement settings, and ad monetization strategies.

Geniee ad network increases your site’s revenue and helps preserve the best user experience for your visitors.

However, the minimum traffic requirement is two hundred thousand monthly views. They also offer a revenue share of 35% to make the investment worthwhile.

They provide instant account approval, fair rates, detailed reports, support for multiple payment methods, and precise campaign targeting that gives publishers complete control of their campaigns.

3) Mediavine

Next one of the top adsense alternatives in the list is Mediavine, which not only provides programmatic advertising opportunities but also offers website templates to publishers that are already ad-optimized. All you’d need to do is, fill in the dedicated space with the information about your product or service, make it live, and earn revenue from the ads.

They also offer solutions to increase audience engagement on your website. It is truly a great alternative to AdSense. But keep in mind that you need to have at least 50,000 sessions a month (Google Analytics figures).

Benefits of Using Mediavine:

  1. Super Speed: They employ “Lazy Loading” so the ads never weigh and slow down the main content of your website.
  2. Quality Control: Each ad unit has a reporting button on it to encourage real-time quality checks.
  3. Thoroughly Tested: They claim to have extensively tested all the proposed ad solutions on their owned content first, and only then do they offer it to their publishers. So, it is all tried-and-tested. Literally.

4) Setupad

Setupad is a good match for all publishers, no matter the size. They offer a self-serve header bidding solution that eliminates the involvement of an ad ops team. Their Header Bidding Solution connects your inventory to 30+ premium demand partners to help increase your ad revenue.

Benefits of Using Setupad:

  1. WP Ads: They offer a free plugin for WordPress users.
  2. CMP: They have a Google-approved, GDPR-compliant, and IAB-approved Consent Management Platform tool.
  3. Non-intrusive Ads: Regain 10%-20% of lost revenue with non-intrusive ads on your website.

5) MediaFem

MediaFem offers a unique opportunity for publishers to connect with global and local brands, providing a platform to monetize and market their websites quickly.

Adsense alternatives

With a range of ad types, optimization tools, and intelligence reports, MediaFem is renowned for maximizing revenue and increasing engagement. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best AdSense competitors.

You can choose from various ad formats, including video, display, native, desktop, and mobile options, depending on your specific preferences.

On mobile apps, MediaFem can display up to five commercials per page and three advertisements per screen, generating income for your website and earning a commission.

Benefits of Using MediaFem

  1. High Revenue: MediaFem offers high CPM rates, which can help publishers maximize their earnings potential.
  2. Ad Formats: MediaFem offers a wide range of ad formats, including display, video, and native ads, giving publishers more options to choose from and making it easier to integrate ads into their websites.
  3. User-friendly Interface: MediaFem has a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it easy for publishers to manage their ad inventory and track their earnings.

It’s worth noting that MediaFem only pays publishers if they have a balance of at least $100 at the end of the month. If this minimum threshold isn’t met, the payment will be deferred until the end of the following month, resulting in a waiting period of up to 53 days.

6) Pubmatic

Pubmatic is a data-driven digital advertising platform, that has been providing one of the best sale-side advertising solutions to publishers, media buyers, and data owners for years. They own and function through their specialized cloud structure. This allows them to optimize performance for their customers and save significant costs by not relying on public cloud alternatives.

Benefits of Using Pubmatic:

  • OpenWrap: They provide custom Header Bidding solutions to unlock new revenue opportunities across all channels like web, mobile, and even OTT.
  • Better Control – Unlike multiple other advertising platforms, Pubmatic makes it an ideal choice for independent web and app publishers who prefer complete control over their advertising operations. Through ad tags, and SDKs (Software Development Kits), for both desktop and mobile, publishers can seamlessly integrate Pubmatc. 
  • Enhanced Insights – As with other platforms mentioned in the list, Pubmatic provides detailed ins and outs of your monetization process. This includes reports on ad performance, audience engagement, revenue metrics, and the list goes on. 

7) Adsterra

adsense alternatives

Last but not least, Adsterra is one of the popular alternatives for Google AdSense, which gives full access to high-quality traffic and innovative features. It allows publishers to try a different approach without relying on Google.

Benefits of using Adsterra

  1. Easier User-Experience: Adsterra provides an easy-to-use experience so that publishers have the opportunity to understand everything intuitively. It is also a helpful traffic estimator that supports multiple cost models, including CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, and CPI.
  2. Innovative Ad Formats: Along with its user-friendly platform, Adsterra makes it easy to monetize website traffic with its innovative ad formats like popunders, push ads, native ads, social bar, direct links, banner ads, and pre-roll video for both desktop and mobile.

Furthermore, this ad network can have a huge impact on your revenue due to its reliable fraud detection, that you with the safest experience possible.

8) Ezoic

Ezoic provides an all-in-one solution for publishers to add display ads to their website pages.

Adsense alternative

Ezoic personalizes the ad experience for each visitor, ensuring that they only receive targeted ads that are most relevant to their interests.

Ezoic grants publishers access to Google’s exclusive AdX portfolio of advertising partners, which can’t be accessed through Google Adsense. It has recently launched two new products, Flickify and Humix, which allow publishers to add video content to their websites easily.

Flickify enables publishers to convert their existing text content into customizable video, boosting ad revenue and enhancing the user experience.

9) Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

Amazon is another major player in the market, much like Google, and has an affiliate marketing program that allows publishers to monetize their traffic. The Amazon Associates program offers a simple yet powerful way to earn commission by promoting products from one of the world’s largest online marketplaces.

Benefits of using Amazon Associates

  1. Commission-based Program: Publishers receive a commission if the user clicks on the ad and goes on to purchase the product. 
  2. Link Building Tool: The platform provides link-building tools through which publishers can recommend products to their users and earn ad revenue.
  3. Native Listing: Publishers can use the Amazon Native Shopping Ads division to display native Amazon product listings on their websites.

Benefits of Using Ezoic

  1. Improved User Experience: Ezoic’s platform allows you to test different ad placements and formats, enhancing the user experience and reducing bounce rates. Visitors will likely stay on your site longer and engage with your content.
  2. Data-Driven Insights: The platform provides detailed insights and analytics on user behavior, ad performance, and revenue. It can help you make informed decisions about optimizing your site for maximum earnings.
  3. Faster Website Speeds: Ezoic’s website speed accelerator (CDN) improves website loading speeds, which can help improve user experience and search engine rankings.

10) Media.net

Media.net, owned by Yahoo and Bing, is a solid alternative to AdSense. As one of the world’s largest contextual ad networks, it is trusted by top-tier brands worldwide.

Adsense alternative

By leveraging contextual advertising, Media.net allows you to monetize your content with exclusive access to Yahoo!, and Bing network searches. The platform connects you with content-driven publishers, maximizing ad revenue and providing access to a vast search market.

Media.net has led the way in server-side header bidding development. The fully managed platform streamlines programmatic display, making it effortless to optimize your ad revenue.

Benefits of Using Media.net

  1. Multiple Ad Formats: Media.net offers a variety of ad formats, including display ads, native ads, and video ads, which can be customized to suit your website’s design and layout.
  2. Contextual Ad Targeting: Media.net uses advanced contextual targeting algorithms to match ads to your website’s content, resulting in higher click-through rates and increased revenue.
  3. Large Advertiser Base: Media.net has partnerships with top advertisers, giving you access to a large pool of premium ads that can help maximize your revenue potential.

11) Snigel

adsense alternatives

Snigel is another alternative to adsense, which is a Google Multiple Customer Management (MCM) partner and allows you to access Google Ad Exchange through a third party and increase your ad revenue. They are ranked amongst the top anti-adblock solutions.

Snigel uses AdEngine, their AI-powered monetization platform, to leverage over 100 real-time data points like user behavior, page speed, and more. This ensures that each ad setup is unique to the user, increasing user engagement and thus overall revenue generation.

Benefits of Using Snigel:

  • Yield Management: For yield management, they use Machine Learning to ensure you get the most from every impression.
  • Lightweight Code: Their code is lightweight, easy to install, optimized for page speed, and Google Core Web Vitals.
  • Floor Price Optimization: They run an automated Floor Plan Optimizer to guard against bid sharing and ensure that your ad spaces are never undersold.

12) Raptive

Formerly known as AdThrive and Cafemedia, Raptive is another adsense alternative that promises noticeable results. They work with creators, businesses, and advertisers, ensuring each gets their due on the internet. They claim a 137% average RMP lift for creator partners who switched from other providers.

They not only focus on ads, but also provide other solutions to make your business stronger, like – a comprehensive SEO system, customizable A/B testing, and even exploring other revenue streams. They are a whole package.

Benefits of Using Raptive:

  • Established Image: Even though Raptive is new to the market, CafeMedia and AdThrive have established themselves enough in the industry to warrant due trust with this new venture.
  • Custom Solution Mapping: Each account is provided with customized integrations fit for your business.

13) Playwire

For over a decade, Playwire has been providing quality ad tech solutions to publishers on the internet. They were awarded the Best Monetization Platform of 2023 at the DigiDay Technology Awards, definitely affirming their credibility.

They are a revenue amplification platform that not only works with website publishers but also with app developers to monetize their ads better. So, if you plan to start an app anytime soon, it might be a good fit for your brand.

Benefits of Using Playwire:

  • Use of AI and ML: They use AI and Machine Learning technologies to maximize revenue on each impression.
  • In-house Video Player: They use their own technology to stream video ads, eliminating the complications of integration with another party.
  • Constant Evolution: They are constantly upgrading their technology to keep up with the changing times.

14) BuySellAds

Another one of the best adsense alternatives in our list is BuySellAds. It runs multiple targeted advertising services for publishers from all domains. For example – they have a dedicated ad network called Carbon Ads exclusively for developers, creators, and designers, while Coin.network is for crypto brands and publishers.

Each advertiser and publisher gets a dedicated team working in their niche, helping them reach more people and earn more revenue.

They even have a Self-Serve Platform where one can create a campaign themself and make it live in no time. It’s a neat option for anyone who wants to connect better with their audience, without having to deal with an ad partner.

Benefits of Using BuySellAds:

  • Contextual Advertisement: Only show ads that your audience would connect with. This helps in higher click-throughs and higher revenue.
  • One Stop Shop: Marketers can source ad opportunities from multiple ad publishers under one platform.
  • No Wait Time: Once the publishers and advertisers match and their creative is approved, the ads are run on the website immediately without any delay as opposed to other networks.

15) SHE Media

“Recently announced as GCPP (Google Certified Publishing Partner), SHE Media focuses on the power of content and community to move our culture forward.”

With the aim to “build, scale, and grow” publishers’ businesses, SHE Media provides a holistic partnership opportunity. As a publisher themselves, they understand the painpoints of other publishers on the web and work with them to offer comprehensive solutions with their display ad network.

Not only that, but they also provide opportunities to gain more exposure through their editorial inclusion on their flagship site, as well as live and virtual events.

With a super-specialization in publishing strategies for women, SHE Media leaves no stone unturned to get you the best results for your website possible.

16) PropellerAds

PropellerAds is a leading advertising network that offers a diverse range of ad formats, including banners, sponsored links, and push notifications, enabling you to connect with a staggering one billion users.

Adsense alternative

The self-service platform is designed for ease of use, featuring a streamlined ad creator that enables you to launch your campaigns without encountering any significant challenges. This makes it one of the best Google AdSense alternatives.

You’ll enjoy a vast array of targeting options and real-time performance tracking, which allows you to respond promptly to enhance your campaign outcomes.

PropellerAds offers an innovative, automated ad optimization feature that fine-tunes your settings using AI, delivering the highest possible conversions for each ad with minimal manual effort.

Benefits of Using PropellerAds

  1. Global Coverage: With PropellerAds, you can reach users from all around the world. They have an extensive network of advertisers and publishers, meaning you can monetize your traffic no matter where your visitors are located.
  2. High Payouts: PropellerAds is known for offering high payouts to publishers. They use various optimization techniques to maximize your revenue, and they pay out regularly, so you can count on a steady stream of income.
  3. Easy Setup: PropellerAds is easy to set up, and they provide a user-friendly interface that allows you to manage your campaigns and track your earnings. You don’t need any technical expertise to get started, making it an excellent choice for beginners.

17) Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Another alternative for Google Adsense is Amazon native shopping ads. Many website owners and bloggers have relied upon Amazon’s affiliate program to boost their income. However, Amazon Native shopping ads offer an even more rewarding way to monetize your website.

Adsense alternative

These ads, like AdSense, are contextual and tailored to display relevant products based on page content and keywords. When a user clicks on an ad and subsequently makes a purchase, you receive a commission from the sale, regardless of whether the item clicked on was purchased.

As the top e-commerce site globally, Amazon boasts a phenomenal conversion rate surpassing its competitors.

Benefits of Using Amazon Native Shopping Ads

  1. Customizable Design: You can choose from various ad sizes and styles to fit seamlessly into your website’s design and match your branding.
  2. Relevant Recommendations: The ads are automatically personalized for each visitor based on their browsing history and other factors, increasing the likelihood that they will click through and make a purchase.
  3. Easy Integration: Adding Amazon Native Shopping Ads to your website is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few clicks.

18) Adversal

Adversal provides a user-friendly advertising platform allowing you to quickly set up your ads in minutes. Once you’ve got everything set up, Adversal takes care of the rest so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Adsense alternative

Its intuitive interface lets you quickly start, stop, and pause campaigns. It’s important to note that for Adversal, your website must have its domain name and receive at least 50,000 monthly pageviews.

It should be publicly accessible without requiring a login. By meeting these requirements, you can take advantage of the many benefits that Adversal has to offer.

Benefits of Using Adversal

  1. Easy to Use: Adversal is easy to use, with a simple setup process and an intuitive dashboard that lets you track your earnings and manage your ads.
  2. Quick Payment: Adversal pays out earnings quickly, with a low minimum payout threshold of just $20. You can receive your earnings faster than with many other ad networks.
  3. Excellent Customer Support: Adversal offers excellent customer support, with a dedicated team of experts available to answer your questions and help you optimize your ad campaigns.

Skimlinks simplify the process of affiliating your commerce content, allowing you to focus on the core aspects of your website without the hassle of setting up affiliate links.

Adsense alternative

With its ability to automatically integrate affiliate links into your commerce content, this powerful tool effortlessly enhances your website, mobile, social media, and mass email marketing strategies.

By joining Skimlinks, you can access a vast network of over 48,500 merchants and 50 demand partners. Through the VIP and Preferred Partner Program, you can discover merchants that offer special commissions exclusively to Skimlinks’ publishers.

  1. Streamlined Monetization: Skimlinks simplify monetizing your content by automatically converting your product links into affiliate links, allowing you to earn a commission on any resulting sales.
  2. Access to Thousands of Merchants: Skimlinks has partnerships with thousands of merchants across various industries, giving you access to multiple products to promote to your audience.
  3. Multiple Monetization Options: Besides traditional affiliate marketing, Skimlinks offers a range of other monetization options, such as sponsored content and display advertising.

20) Monumetric

Monumetric, formerly known as The Blogger Network, is a leading ad revenue partner. With Monumetric, you can seamlessly increase your website’s revenue while ensuring the best possible user experience for your visitors, making it a great alternative of google adsense.

Adsense alternative

One of the key benefits of partnering with Monumetric is that they pay based on CPM, meaning that you’ll earn revenue for every impression. They offer higher than Google Adsense average CPM. In fact, their pay rates for CPM campaigns are among the best in the industry, awith many users reporting significantly higher revenue than what they earned through AdSense.

Benefits of Using Monumetric

  1. High Pay Rates: Monumetric’s pay rates for CPM campaigns are among the best in the industry, so you can maximize your earnings potential.
  2. Expert Support: Monumetric provides full-service support for its partners, meaning you’ll have access to expert guidance and resources to help you optimize your ad revenue.
  3. Customized Ad Solutions: Monumetric offers customized ad solutions tailored to your specific website and audience, ensuring your ads are highly targeted and relevant.

21) RevContent 

If you’re a publisher who wants ads that seamlessly blend with your content, RevContent is the way to go. They’ve perfected the art of native advertising, making ads look like they belong, without ruining the user experience. Seriously, RevContent is the king of blending ads and content.

With RevContent, you get ads that feel like a natural part of your website’s flow. No more annoying interruptions or distractions.

Benefits of RevContent 

– First, RevContent’s lightweight design ensures faster loading times, resulting in a seamless browsing experience for your visitors. With reduced loading times, your website becomes more responsive, leading to lower bounce rates and increased user engagement.

– Secondly, RevContent’s native advertising approach ensures that ads seamlessly integrate with your content, creating a non-interruptive browsing experience.

22) Taboola

Adsense alternative

Another alternative to Google Adsense is Taboola, which is one of the largest content discovery platforms in the ad tech industry. Through this ad network, publishers can display ‘sponsored content’ – commonly known as native ads – to their users and help them discover content relevant to their interests.

Taboola is a great option for publishers who want a suitable mobile web monetization platform. It also puts a high emphasis on content quality and brand awareness. With Taboola, publishers further get the options of efficient audience segmentation, targeting, and retargeting.

This ads network promises a 100% fill rate across different geographies. However, getting approval from Taboola could be challenging as it requires a minimum page views requirement of 500,000. Moreover, they have only one payment method – Payoneer – at the moment.

Benefits of using Taboola

  1. Expanded Reach: Taboola connects you with premium publishers and websites, driving more traffic to your content or products.
  2. Diverse Ad Formats: Taboola offers a range of engaging ad formats, including native ads and interactive videos, allowing you to captivate your target audience with creative presentations.
  3. Personalized Optimization: Taboola’s advanced algorithms analyze user behavior to deliver personalized ads, maximizing relevance and improving user engagement for better conversion rates.

23) RevenueHits

Revenuehits as an AdSense Alternative

RevenueHits offers a nice variety of ad types including banners, pop-under, sliders, top and footer-style banners, buttons, and interstitials.

They offer both contextual and geo-targeted ads. They are a performance-based network (CPA), not a CPC or CPM network. So make sure you understand that you are paid when a visitor to your site takes specific actions instead of being paid when they click on an ad.

RevenueHits offers payment via wire, PayPal, Payoneer, and Bitcoin. Their current model doesn’t have any minimum traffic requirements. Moreover, publishers can benefit from their proprietary anti-pop blocker and desktop interstitial features.

Benefits of using RevenueHits

  1. Increased Earnings: RevenueHits offers a performance-based model, potentially unlocking higher earnings compared to Adsense. Optimize ad placements and leverage diverse ad formats for maximum revenue.
  2. Diverse Ad Formats: RevenueHits provides a range of ad formats beyond display ads. Choose from pop-ups, interstitials, push notifications, and more to captivate your blog audience effectively.
  3. User-Friendly Platform: Just like other alternatives to Google Adsense, it also offers a user-friendly platform for easy ad management and monitoring. Utilize intuitive tools and real-time reporting to optimize your ad strategy.

24) Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser - An Ad Network

BidVertiser pays you on both clicks and conversions, potentially improving the publisher’s earnings from the site.

Text ads, banner ads, mobile ads, and slider ads are available. They offer publishers a point-and-click ad builder tool that helps you to customize the ads to fit the look and feel of your site.

They pay monthly by check, wire, PayPal, and Bitcoin. The current minimum payout is only $10 for Paypal, $100 for Check, and $500 for Bank Wire.

One downside to BidVertiser is that they use an advertiser bidding system. Each advertiser bids ad placement and what sites their ads appear on. So, it may take some time for advertisers to find your site in the BidVertiser network and start bidding on your ad spots.

Benefits of using Bidvertiser

  1. Geo-Targeted Ads: Stand out with Bidvertiser’s geo-targeted ads. This feature enables you to deliver location-specific advertisements to your audience, ensuring that the content displayed is highly relevant and increases the likelihood of engagement and conversions.
  2. Multiple Ad Types: Bidvertiser supports various ad types, including banners, pop-unders, sliders, and XML feeds. This diversity allows you to experiment and find the ad formats that resonate best with your blog’s design and user experience, maximizing your earning potential.
  3. Enhanced Control: With Bidvertiser, you have greater control over your ad inventory. You can easily block unwanted ads, select specific categories, and even set custom bid minimums to ensure that only high-quality and relevant ads are displayed on your blog.

25) PopAds

PopAds - An Ad Network

PopAds specializes in pop-under ad delivery, claiming to be the best provider of this ad type.

Publishers can select the minimum bid they will accept from advertisers as well as set the frequency with which the pop-under ads display to site visitors.

One of the great features of PopAds is that you can request payment of your PopAds revenue anytime you want.

They use wire, PayPal, and AlertPay to manage payment. And the minimum payment threshold is $10 for PayPal and AlertPay; no minimum deposit for Wire Transfers.

Getting account and site approvals is easy with PopAds. All in all, this makes it a good Google AdSense alternative.

Benefits of using PopAds

  1. High Revenue Potential: PopAds offers a high revenue potential for your blog. Their unique pop-under ad format allows you to monetize your traffic effectively and generate substantial earnings.
  2. Quick and Easy Setup: With PopAds, setting up your ad campaigns is quick and hassle-free. Their user-friendly interface and streamlined process enable you to start displaying ads on your blog in no time, increasing your earning potential without unnecessary delays.
  3. Global Ad Coverage: PopAds provides extensive global ad coverage, allowing you to monetize your blog’s traffic from various regions around the world.

26) PopMyAds

Adsense alternative

PopMyAds is a pop-under mobile ad network that accepts publishers and organic traffic from all countries.

They provide quick site approval; many times in under one day. This is one of the few ad networks that accept legal adult sites. Please check their TOS for more details on the sites they accept.

PopMyAds have a real-time dashboard using which publishers can track the performance of ads and see their earnings.

Their minimum payout is just $5.00 and can be paid through PayPal or Payza. You can contact them if you need to be paid through a wire transfer. All payments are processed in 1 to 7 business days.

Benefits of using PopMyAds

  1. Pop-under Ads – As the name suggests itself, their unique pop-under ad format allows you to monetize your traffic effectively and generate substantial earnings.
  2. Easy Integration – Just like PopAds, it also comes with easy integration, enabling you to quickly start displaying ads and capitalize on monetization opportunities without extensive technical knowledge.

27) PopCash

Adsense alternative

PopCash is a popunder ads network offering worldwide coverage. They are known to be a fast approval network that takes 1 to 12 hours to approve a site.

They promote safe and clean ads to keep publishers’ websites clean and fraud-free. The integration system for PopCash is the same as AdSense — publishers start by placing a code on their website.

PopCash’s payment system is quite fast. They process payments daily with a minimum threshold of $10. And they support payment via Paypal, Paxum, Skrill, and wire transfer.

Benefits of using PopCash

  1. Global Monetization: With PopCash, you can tap into a global audience and monetize your blog’s traffic from around the world, expanding your reach and unlocking new revenue streams.
  2. User-Friendly Management: PopCash provides a user-friendly platform for easy ad management and monitoring. Their intuitive interface and comprehensive reporting tools empower you to optimize your ad strategy and track your earnings effortlessly.

28) YlliX


ylliK is CPM / CPC / CPA mobile ad network that supports ads for both mobile and desktop traffic popunder ads, mobile redirects, sliders, layer ads, and full-page ads.

They are a fast-approval ad network. And ylliK is known to offer daily payouts to publishers with a minimum limit of $1. Publishers always have complete control of the ad campaign using their self-serve platform.

They also offer a generous referral program, paying up to $100 for each new active publisher or advertiser you refer, plus 2% of their lifetime earnings or spend.

Now it’s time for you to explore all the options you have and pick the Google AdSense alternative that works best for you, your sites, and your goals.

Benefits of using Yllix

  1. Referral Program: YlliX offers an enticing referral program, rewarding you with up to $100 for each new active publisher you refer. Additionally, you get 10% of your referral’s first payment, providing a lucrative opportunity to boost your income.
  2. Control: Much like other platforms in the list, YlliX’s self-serve platform, offers control over their ad campaigns, providing unmatched freedom to tailor and optimize their strategies for maximum results.
  3. No Hard Requirements: It offers seamless integration without any special requirements. Yllix enables you to place ads directly on your blog or website immediately after registration.

29) AdThrive

AdThrive, Adsense equivalent

AdThrive is not an ad network for small businesses; however, large and medium publishers can earn significant ad revenue by leveraging this ad network.

A noteworthy thing about this ad network is that they pay publishers on time even if they haven’t received payment from advertisers on time. 

Update: Apart from Google AdSense alternatives, you should also check out some native ad networks, mobile ad networks, CPM-based ad networks, and affiliate ad networks to explore alternate monetization options.

Benefits of Using AdThrive

  1. High Quality Ads: Users will only see high-quality ads, which means that publishers don’t have to worry about the content shown on their websites. You can get started with AdThrive if you receive 100,000 page views per month.  
  2. Cookie Average: Another thing to consider here is that AdThrive claims to provide Cookie Coverage, meaning they promise RPM won’t drop down when third-party cookies are actually phased out.

30) AdCash

Adsense alternative

Adcash is an easy-to-use Google Adsense alternative. The platform is a global advertising platform for affiliate marketers, media buyers, ad networks, and publishers. With over 13 years of ad-tech experience and advanced in-house optimization technology, Adcash provides your business with advertising tools that deliver real results.

Benefits of using AdCash

  1. Easier to use: Adcash platform enables publishers to monetize web traffic and helps advertisers in reaching global business with minimal effort.
  2. Packed with Features: Like Adpushup, AdCash is also packed with many features such as Anti Adblock Technology, Easy Integration, Clean Ads, Fast Payments, Live Statistics, High Fill Rate & eCPMs, Multiple Ad Formats, and Worldwide Coverage.
  3. Advanced Targeting: The platform also empowers advertisers with advanced targeting, conversion tracking, anti-fraud technology, and real-time reporting for optimized ad campaigns.

31) Infolinks

Google Adsense alternative

Infolinks is curated for audience attention and increased ad viewability. Infolinks is used by over 350,000 blogs and websites in over 128 countries, including top brands such as Netflix, Virgin Airlines, and many more.

Benefits of Using Infolinks

  1. Stable Revenue Source: Much like other platforms in the list, Infolinks also provides publishers with stable revenue resources, state-of-the-art account management, reliable technology, and a positive user experience.
  2. Easy Integration: It also integrates seamlessly with multiple mobile ad networks.

As an alternative to Google Adsense, Infolinks offers benefits to advertisers as well. It helps them with:

  • Advertise within their budget
  • Reach the global audience with their large-scale network
  • Connect with users when they’re most engaged.

32) Sovrnn

google adsense alternatives

Sovrn Commerce is another popular Google Adsense alternative that advertisers and publishers love to use. Through Sovrn, you can automatically create links to your Amazon products, eCommerce product pages, and other well-known affiliate programs.

Benefits of using Sovrn

  1. Customization Abilities: Sovrn Commerce also allows its ad tech partners to create customized visual experiences, develop custom integrations, and access powerful new resources.
  2. Easy Tracking Features: The dashboard helps publishers and advertisers to keep track of performance metrics so they can improve their monetization strategy accordingly. 
  3. Cost Effective: The platform comes with season experts who help generate advertising revenue in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

33) CarbonAds

alternatives of google adsense

Carbon Ads helps advertisers reach the tech audience through their exclusive network of development, design, and tech websites. The platform offers exclusive advertising to the tech audience on 600+ hand-picked apps and websites. Since the network is very segmented, you can run targeted campaigns at scale.

Carbon ads exclusive network and simple ad design let advertisers reach tech audiences. Furthermore, the ads appear next to content that’s informational and valuable to your brand. Similarly, the ad campaigns are implemented in a way that appears only on high-quality development, tech, and design websites. 

Let’s have a look at the benefits Carbon Ads have to offer to the Publishers

Benefits of using Carbon Ads

  1. High-Quality Advertisers: Carbon Ads partners with top-notch advertisers, ensuring that the ads shown on your platform are of premium quality and relevance.
  2. Transparent Reporting and Analytics: Carbon Ads provides publishers with transparent reporting and analytics.
  3. Responsive and Performance-Driven: The company understands the importance of responsive ads that adapt to different screen sizes and devices.

34) AdNow

best google adsense alternatives

AdNow is one of the fastest-growing mobile ad networks that have over 160,000 partners worldwide. With a user-friendly interface and a wide network of advertisers, AdNow provides a straightforward solution for publishers to monetize their online content.

Benefits of using AdNow

  1. Targeted Recommendations: It helps publishers generate revenue from apps or websites with targeted recommendations from AdNow’s sponsored content marketplace providers.
  2. Weekly Payments: It offers weekly payment initiating from $20 and has multiple payment methods as well. AdNow assures safe ads as all ads are moderated, keeping units free of viruses and malware.
  3. Personal Manager: Similar to Adpushup and a few other Adsense alternatives in the list, with AdNow, publishers get a comfortable work environment with a personal manager and local language support. It provides better features for native advertising comparable to AdSense, which makes it a great alternative to Google AdSense.

35) Triplelift

Adsense alternative

TripleLift is an advanced programmatic advertising platform that specializes in native advertising. It’s one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense and helps OTT and native publishers to effectively monetize their inventory by connecting them with demand partners and associates.

With TripleLift ad network, you can choose a professional account manager or customer service representative to assist you with your ad campaigns, ensuring you achieve the best results possible.

Benefits of Using TripleLift

  1. Increased Monetization: TripleLift’s native advertising programmatic platform connects publishers with demand associates and partners, which helps to increase monetization opportunities for publishers.
  2. Improved Ad Performance: TripleLift’s advanced technology and targeting capabilities can help improve ad performance by delivering highly relevant and engaging ads to the right audience.
  3. Personalized Service: TripleLift offers professional account management and customer service support to help ensure the success of your ad campaigns.

Factors To Consider While Selecting the Best AdSense Alternative

When considering AdSense alternatives, several factors come into play to determine the best fit for a publisher’s needs.

Ad Formats and Diversity

Different alternatives offer a variety of ad formats, including display ads, video ads, native ads, and more. Publishers should assess whether the alternative provides the specific ad types that align with their content and user experience goals.

Some may prioritize interactive or visually appealing formats, while others might require support for video monetization. The flexibility and diversity in ad formats allow publishers to tailor their monetization strategy to their audience and content style.

Revenue Potential and Payment Terms

While AdSense is known for its widespread reach and reliable payments, alternative ad networks may present varying revenue-sharing models, CPM rates, or payment thresholds. Publishers should carefully evaluate the financial aspects, considering the potential earnings, payment frequency, and available payment methods.

Additionally, assessing the network’s reputation for timely and reliable payments is crucial. Some alternatives may offer higher revenue shares or more favorable terms, making it essential to strike a balance between financial considerations and the overall benefits offered by the alternative network.

Ad Quality and Relevance

They both are equally important factors in choosing an AdSense alternative. Publishers should consider the quality of ads served, their relevance to the audience, and their impact on user experience. A reputable alternative should have stringent measures to ensure ad quality, preventing irrelevant or low-quality ads from detracting from the site’s content.

Additionally, the ability to control and filter out certain ad categories or specific advertisers can contribute to a more positive user experience. By prioritizing ad quality and relevance, publishers can maintain the integrity of their content while maximizing monetization opportunities through an alternative ad network that aligns with their standards.

Which one is the Best Adsense Alternative?

Determining the best Google adsense alternative depends on your specific needs and preferences. However, some popular alternatives worth considering include Geniee, Taboola, RevenueHits, and PopAds. These platforms offer competitive revenue potential, diverse ad formats, and user-friendly interfaces, providing opportunities to maximize your earnings and effectively monetize your website or blog. Ultimately, the best choice depends on factors such as your target audience, niche, and desired monetization strategy.

Final Words on Adsense Alternatives

While Google AdSense is undoubtedly a leading means of generating revenue from your website, it is essential to consider other Google adsense competitors or alternatives to diversify your income and maximize your earnings potential.

If AdSense has yet to yield the desired outcomes or you want to explore new opportunities to boost your revenue streams, there are several alternatives for Google Adsense available that are worth considering.

From display advertising to affiliate marketing, publishers have various options to monetize their content and grow their online businesses.

By trying out different strategies and incorporating the above Google AdSense alternatives for your specific needs and goals, you can take your website’s revenue to the next level.

FAQs – Google Adsense Alternatives

1) Is Google AdSense the Best Ad Network?

Google AdSense is a prominent advertising network in current times, but there might be better choices for most publishers. This is due to several limitations, including stringent policies and a relatively long minimum payout threshold. Further, they suspend accounts, even in unintentional policy breaches, leading some publishers to deem such actions unduly severe.

2) Which Adsense Alternatives Pay More in 2024?

There are several alternatives to AdSense that offer higher payouts. Before integrating AdSense alternatives, ensuring you’re getting the most out of your AdSense account is prudent. Once you know you are achieving the best results from AdSense, transitioning to a premium Ad Network like AdPushup becomes a viable option.

3) Which Is the Best AdSense Alternative in 2024?

In 2023, AdPushup emerged as the best adsense alternative after being accredited as a Premier Google Certified Publishing Partner. Leveraging programmatic advertising technology for effective monetization, we have helped over 300 publishers. We take pride in our team of ad tech experts dedicated to enhancing revenue and delivering premium advertisements while ensuring no disruption in user experience.

4) Is AdPusup Better Than Adsense?

AdPushup is one of the premier ad networks and potentially a superior choice for medium-sized and enterprise publishers over AdSense. Equipped with a dedicated team of optimization specialists, AdPushup offers a highly adaptable ad technology finely tuned to align with your business objectives. Our comprehensive solution aims to enhance both the return on investment (ROI) and the overall performance of your website.

5) Which websites work best with Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an excellent fit for websites with focused content and a substantial volume of traffic. Examples of such websites include blogs and forums, where the targeted content and high engagement create an ideal environment for AdSense to thrive.

6) What are Google Adsense alternatives?

AdSense alternatives refer to other online advertising networks publishers can use to monetize their websites or blogs instead of relying solely on Google AdSense.

7) Why would someone want to use best Google Adsense alternative?

To determine which AdSense alternative suits you, consider your website’s niche and traffic, the program’s payment and payout methods, the level of support offered, and any additional features or benefits that may interest you. It’s also a good idea to read reviews and compare programs before deciding.

8) How can I determine which AdSense alternative is suitable for me?

While AdSense is a popular advertising program, there may be better fits for some publishers or websites. Some publishers may prefer to use AdSense alternatives for various reasons, such as diversifying their revenue streams, increasing their earnings potential, or because their website is not approved for AdSense.

9) Can I use other ads with AdSense?

Yes, you can integrate more than one ad network with AdSense to monetize your website. But, not all ad networks are allowed to work parallel to AdSense. Google has defined a list of Google-certified ad partners that can run alongside AdSense, so, you’ll need to work with one of them only.

10) How can I monetize my website without Google AdSense?

If you do not wish to employ Google AdSense on your website, the above-listed alternatives are more than great to help you monetize your website.


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