Reaching the right people with the product or service they may be interested in is pivotal for the sustenance of any business. The ad management team is responsible for making it happen. 

Before we delve into what AdPushUp offers as ad management, let us first understand what ad management is. 

What is Ad Management?

In the shortest words, it is telling about and selling the product. Our dedicated ad management team carefully researches and studies the data collected and plans the sort of advertisements to be put up, their placement, to whom they will be targeted, and a call-to-action inciting the potential customers to buy the product. 

Advertising management or ad management is a complex process of deploying a set of tools and software to sell a good or service. The process begins with employing marketing research and different media campaigns that help sell the product. 

In the absence of effective ad management, the advertising campaign goes down the drain eliciting no substantial response or desired action from the audience.

For example, your company organises art exhibitions, and you put up an ad without careful research about who your target audience is or whom you should display the ad to, people from various backgrounds will come across the ad, and it will be a waste for them. 

Ad management team ensures the following:

  1. Identifying your target audience 
  2. Ad formats that are most suited to your product or service 
  3. Media the ad will be displayed upon (both print and digital)
  4. Outlining the ad campaign 
  5. Designing the advertisements
  6. Remarketing

People in Ad Management

If not for an efficient and diligent ad management team, advertisements will only be a haphazard mess of graphics and videos to anyone and everyone. What do the technical backend specialists do in ad management? Take a look: 

1.  Creating ad campaigns as per the client’s request: 

The ad management experts work towards catering to the specific demands of niche-specific customers. They are responsible for creative and innovative ideas from a variety of perspectives. 

2.  Identifying the niche segment, conducting the research: 

The ad management team conducts thorough research without which it is a waste to advertise for the general audience. The structure of ad-tech companies is designed so that a specific team is dedicated to conducting market research to identify potential customers by collecting data on demographics, age, gender, recent purchases, wishlists, most searched items, etc. 

3.  Developing advertisements in formats most suitable for the product/ service: 

The most important and core function of the ad management team is to develop advertisements in the most suitable formats for your business. Copies of ads, scripts of ad films, logo design, posters, taglines are all developed and decided.

And after all of it, the advertisements are placed. It takes a lot of creativity and inspiration from a wide range of perspectives to develop an ad that brings out the best of the good or service you are selling. 

4.  Media planning and Buying Ad Space

Media planning involves the ad management team figuring out the media platforms on which the advertisement will be placed and which platforms will provide maximum traction to the business’s brands.

With more and more businesses shifting towards digital advertising, ad-tech companies buy ad spaces on popular social media and other relevant websites. 

5.  Troubleshooting, optimising ad campaigns, reporting about the ad campaign to the marketing team:

The dedicated account managers on the ad management team place the advertisements on relevant media platforms and ensure that no problems arise on the websites or in the ads.

The ad management experts ensure that the ads are working okay and troubleshoot any problems. Besides troubleshooting, they initiate the remarketing campaign after researching for better sales. 

6.  Account management: 

In the ad-tech industry, client managers are called account managers. The account managers bridge the gap between the clients and the departments of the advertising company.

They take care of the client meetings project delivery, understanding their needs and demands. Follow-ups and post-delivery status are also important responsibilities of the account managers. 

7.  Budgeting: 

Without cost projection and setting out a budget, no marketing campaign can be carried out seamlessly and sustainably. The ad management experts ascertain the budget requirements and formulate an advertising budget. 

8.  Sales Promotions

The advertisements are required to be reached the target audience for maximum desired results. The ad management team takes care of persuading the right people in engaging with a specific business or buy a specific product.

Now that we have understood what goes into ad management let’s look at why businesses should choose AdPushUp as their ad management team. 

Why You Should Contact Our Professionals

Kindly highlight these

1.  Dedicated Account Managers: 

AdPushUp is a one-stop shop for all your advertising solutions, including managing the ad layouts for your business, ad optimisation, troubleshooting, remarketing, etc., with personalised support from the ad ops experts.

2.  Data Science Focused: 

AdPushUp provides you with revenue optimisation solutions based on multiple testing, machine-learned algorithms, and data science for a competitive edge to our publishing partners.

3.  Malware Protection: 

Registered with the TAG on industry body, AdPushUp uses a combination of in-house and third-party technologies to provide our publishing partners with the best malware protection against the ad frauds in the programmatic deals supply chain. 

4.  Deep Understanding of Your Business: 

We have evidence of successful ad tech collaborations globally and with top brands. The ad management team at AdPushUp understands the responsibility, has the knowledge, and has a keen eye for your business details. 


With ad management, take your business prospects to another level. The ad management team is here to assist you with all the advertisement solutions and take up all the workload into promoting your brand to the right people. 


What is advertising management?

Advertising management is a process of identifying the right audience for a specific business and then encouraging them to engage in doing business through advertisements. The ad management also includes follow-ups, troubleshooting, account management, sales promotions, and public relations. 

What does an advertising manager do?

Advertising managers are in charge of planning and carrying out a company’s advertising campaigns. Their function is to conduct research, identify the right audience and potential customers, and place the advertisements on relevant media platforms.  

What are the advertising jobs?

Digital marketing manager, product manager- SaaS, Advertising, Customer Solutions, PR manager, Marketing manager, etc., are the jobs in advertising management. 


Shubham is a digital marketer with rich experience working in the advertisement technology industry. He has vast experience in the programmatic industry, driving business strategy and scaling functions including but not limited to growth and marketing, Operations, process optimization, and Sales.

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