If not for mobile games like Candy Crush Saga, Hay-Day, Fruit Ninja, Race Car, or Clash of Clans, the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown would have been the hardest. The stay-at-home lifestyle drove the mobile game traffic and development massively. And it continues to grow. 

Mobile game app revenue (Android and iOS) reached $111 billion in 2020, with iOS responsible for 65% of the revenue. 

Monetise your game apps with in-game ads. Mobile game ads yield maximum revenue, encourage user engagement in-app purchases, and enhance retention.

With AdPushUp’s mobile game ads network, change the revenue course of your game and bring in the ad range that integrates right with your game and boosts the in-game economy. 

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What are Mobile Game Ads?

Mobile game ads are a game app monetising strategy that game developers have used to boost their revenue. Looking at the success of mobile game ads, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, too, have brought in the in-app popular game ads for better user engagement and user experience.

In Q1 of 2021, 477,000 mobile games were in the Google Play Store, and 316,000 games were available in Apple’s App Store. 

Every gaming app developer is looking forward to maximising their profits and better ways to leverage mobile game ads. Those mobile game ads are the popular ads that serve as the component of the gaming app.

That means only those mobile game ads perform successfully and generate high CPMs, complementing the gaming environment. This way, these ads become a part of the user experience and promotes better engagement. 

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1.  Generate better mobile game ad revenue- 

Mobile game ad is a great monetising strategy that game developers can use to boost their revenue. In addition to the in-app purchases, gaming apps can generate more CPMs with the help of such popular ads. 

2Boosted In-app purchases- 

Mobile game ads, which are turning into more popular ads strategically coupled with the game, can also help boost in-app purchases. The ads that serve as the component of the game itself in the form of rewarded ads give users the experience and show the value of in-app purchases for free.

Encouraged by the free experience of the rewarded video ads, the users pay for the in-app games, boosting the revenue. 

3.  Enhanced User Experience- 

With the real-time and free experience of the in-app gaming ads, the user’s experience improves. For them, playable video ads are preferred to purchase in-app games.

If the user likes the playable rewarded ad, they will want to have a complete experience of the said game app. In such a way, mobile game ads are turning into popular ads for every game developer. 

4. More User Engagement and Retention- 

Mobile game ads serve as the retention and user engagement tool that encourages the users to stay within the app. With the help of rewarded video ads playable video ads, the user becomes more engaged with the in-game experience.

The developer can also strategise the ad to stay engaged until the desired reward goal (coins, goods, extra lives, level-ups, etc.) is reached. 

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Playable Ads

These are the mini-games within the gaming app that the users can play before they step into the next level. These ads can be rewarded ads too. The user can try it out to earn extra coins or extra lives or credit into the game. Playable ads are entertaining, easy, and intriguing. These ads engage users and give them a real-time and free experience of in-app games. 

Rewarded Ads

These videos can be playable or non-playable. These are some of the most popular ads in mobile games as the user watches them for about 20-30 seconds and earns rewards in the form of extra coins or extra points. Rewarded ads are opt-in, engaging, encourage users to click on them, and boost in-app purchases.


Another monetising technique that game developers use in their gaming apps, offerwalls are a sort of mini-store within the app. Offerwall lists multiple offers for the users to choose from for an in-app reward. For example, users can receive 2500 points to register their name or make an in-app purchase. Offerwalls are other popular ads that mobile game developers place for increased CPMs. 

Interstitial Ads 

Interstitial ads are customisable video ads that run for a specific interval. It is a highly immersive full banner ad that yields good impressions and conversions. 

Coupon Ads

As the name suggests, coupon ads are the ads that provide users with voucher codes or referrals to redeem prizes or cash-backs in the real world. It boosts the mobile game ads CPM and helps boost the online or offline stores revenue. 

Generate Great Creatives 

Show the users most fun elements of your gaming app, bring out the ad creatives, display the important aspects of the game to hook users in, and have a clear CTA (call-to-action). 

Leveraging Remarketing of Games

Game marketers use remarketing as an effective ad strategy to enhance retention, the share of paying users, and in-game economy. With the help of push notification, email marketing, and social media advertising, remarketing strategy works best to reach out to the gamers. 

Beware of Fraud

To run successful in-app mobile game ads, you must invest in fraud protection technologies. Fraudsters make purchases with stolen payment credentials or customer’s banking account details They may hack systems beyond the apps to access the customer data.

There are frauds like ‘Fake Advertising Click’ to give the fraudsters credits for installation of an app or, ‘Device Frauds’ to automicatically download certain apps on the device. Best ad fraud detection companies have made protection against frauds possible with advanced technologies.

Mix and Match the in-app ad formats 

Like many game developers, you can use a combination of ad formats to maximise the CPM. Placement of banner ads and interstitial ads in a way to keep the user engaged and the rewarded ads at the end of the level can be a good advertising strategy to maximise revenue. 


With in-game popular ads, you can successfully boost your game’s revenue and bring more to the users. Mobile game ads with personalisation is a reason for game developers to choose programmatic ads supply platforms like AdPushUp. These ads are interactive, engaging, act as the retention tool, and encourage in-app purchases. 


How are mobile game ads the next game changer?

Owing to the gigantic popularity, mobile games offer a broader than ever and an efficient marketing platform to reach potential customers. By deploying a combination of popular ad formats, a game marketer can boost the game’s revenue. One can also execute real-time promotional video ads within the gaming app. 

As mentioned and explained above, three of the most popular ads are rewarded video ads, interstitial ads, and banner ads. Besides these popular ads, one can look at offerwalls, playable video ads. These ads help engage the user within the app and encourage them to make in-app purchases. 

What is false advertising in mobile games?

There are several false adverts within the mobile gaming apps that often look attractive but adversely impact the gaming app’s user engagement. Drag and dropb tasks, immediate action for survival, exaggerated trailers of games, etc. are the false advertising that fraud advertisers loop customers into. These ads lie about the content of the games and make no sense. 


Shubham is a digital marketer with rich experience working in the advertisement technology industry. He has vast experience in the programmatic industry, driving business strategy and scaling functions including but not limited to growth and marketing, Operations, process optimization, and Sales.

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