• Founded in: 2007
  • Supported model: CPC
  • Payment method: PayPal, eCheck, ACH, Payoneer, and Bank Wire Transfer
  • Payment terms: NET-45
  • Minimum payment threshold: $50 ($100 in case of Bank Wire Transfer)
  • Supported language: English and Spanish
  • Reporting: Real-time dashboard
  • Live publishers: 8,837 (as per Similar Tech)
  • Minimum traffic: None
  • Website: www.infolinks.com/
  • Employee count: 11-50

Overview of Infolinks

Infolinks is a global advertising platform for publishers and advertisers. It has named its advertising platform In³ which stands for Infolinks, Intent, and Intelligence. In³ technology powers the third-largest publisher marketplace in the world, supporting 350,000 websites in 128 countries.

Infolinks claims to offer innovative ad solutions to publishers while keeping the look and feel of their websites intact. The company mostly focuses on contextually relevant ads.

Placements and layouts offered by Infolinks are known to avoid banner blindness—a user behavior that drastically takes down ad performance. Its in-house algorithm is designed to match advertisers with the right audience while maintaining optimal profit for publishers.

Infolinks services are open to all kinds of publishers irrespective of their website business size. The company takes pride in its effortless integration process with no setup fees. Its policies are quite straightforward and don’t allow illegal, offensive, and adult content.

Infolinks is completely AdSense compatible. For better monetization, publishers can even partner up with other ad networks—if that doesn’t interfere with their policies.  

Types of ad formats offered by Infolinks:

infolinks infold ads

InFold: This ad only targets the search traffic and shows users footer-sticky ads. InFold ads are SEO-friendly, as ads are delivered pertaining to what user came looking for via search engine.

infolinks inframe ads

InFrame: These are skyscraper ads appearing on either edge of wide screen devices. The content remains at the center of the screen while InFrame ads continue to offer ad impressions without disturbing the site layout.

infolinks inarticle ads

InArticle: These are user-initiated expandable ads. It waits for users to start engaging with the content and expands at the right time for maximum engagement. Display, video, and native formats can be used for InArticle ads.

intext ads

InText: Ads are placed carefully between content matching the best keyword and maintaining relevance. Publishers are allowed to change the size and volume of InText ads.

inscreen ads

InScreen: These are interstitial ads that appear on the full page. These ad formats primarily work as an ‘intermission’ as the user moves on to view different pages.

intop ads

InTop: This ad format is specifically for mobiles. The ad remains in view even if the user scrolls down the page.


AdSense compatibility: As mentioned, Infolinks works fine for publishers using AdSense. It doesn’t interfere with the ad units set by AdSense, working as a perfect combination to generate maximum revenue.

Contextual ads: Contextual targeting uses the website niche to find advertisers. This targeting method doesn’t require the user’s cookie data to show them relevant ads. This ensures the security of users’ data coming in via publisher’s website saving publishers from the trouble of working on solutions that protect user privacy.

Quick approval: Infolinks has a quick approval span. It takes not more than 48 hours to assess whether the publisher’s website meets the minimum requirements. Given the fact that it has no requirements for traffic, it creates a perfect opportunity for small publishers to get started with their services without having to wait for long.


Low income for non-tier 1 traffic: Most advertisers want to show their ads to users living in tier 1 countries with a good economy. Infolinks marketplace is no different, making it hard for publishers to make good numbers with traffic from developing countries.

Some ad formats can be intrusive: Better Ads Standards suggest sticky ads are intrusive when used on mobile devices. Publishers using InFold format—a sticky format—can cause damage to publisher reputation in the marketplace. For that matter, publishers need to be careful about the ad units they are placing on their desktop and mobile sites.

How to Get Started with Infolinks

Publishers are required to sign up with Infolinks to use the services. It starts by filling a simple form with personal and website details. After completing the signup, Infolinks sends an acknowledgment email.

The publisher’s website is reviewed to check whether it fulfills the minimum requirement. It takes 48-hours to complete the review process. If the publisher is approved, Infolinks asks the publisher to place their code on the website.

Upon successful integration, the publisher gets access to the dashboard enabling ad unit and layout designing. If required, publishers can ask Infolinks to help with various ad placements. Once done, they should see some revenue earned almost immediately.

AdSense vs. Infolinks

TrafficNo minimum trafficNo minimum traffic (however, Content quality is important)
Publishers’ revenue share70%68%
Ad qualityNot the greatest ad quality in terms of relevanceVery high ad quality
Geo-based aspectsPrimarily US and Canadian trafficTraffic from all over the world


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Shubham is a digital marketer with rich experience working in the advertisement technology industry. He has vast experience in the programmatic industry, driving business strategy and scaling functions including but not limited to growth and marketing, Operations, process optimization, and Sales.

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