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Adsense Payment: Overview, Methods, Threshold, and Schedule

Google Adsense payment process can be slightly daunting, which is why we have created this guide to provide insight into the method.

AdSense payment structure is one of those topics that publishers constantly have questions about.

Google Adsense is one of the most popular ad networks among publishers. As per SimilarTech, approximately 3,921,484 websites are currently using Adsense for serving ads to users. Various reasons including, increased safety and security, high transparency, and the availability of several ad formats have made Google Adsense a favorable option for both publishers and advertisers. It is owing to such reasons that Google Adsense remains a constant for many publishers, even if they are using more than one ad network, which is advisable.   

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The main reason why publishers serve ads is to earn revenue, which then allows them to provide free content to their users. The question now arises, how does one get paid by Adsense? This can further lead to other questions like is there any tax on the earnings, how to set up things in order to get paid on time, and if payment is due, why haven’t I received it yet? 

In this post, we are going to answer all such questions to give publishers detailed insights about the Adsense payment system.  

Getting Started with Adsense Payment

  • The very first thing publishers need to do is to provide their personal information and tax information (if needed for their location). Google may also need to verify your identity, but again, this is just needed for some locations. 
  • Next step is the verification of your address, which will occur after your earnings have reached the ‘address verification threshold’. 
  • When your earnings further reach the ‘payment method selection threshold’, you will need to set a mode of payment. Google has provided the following five options to choose from:
  1. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)- Your earnings will be deposited into your bank account through this Google Adsense payment method. Google advises you to choose EFT if it is supported in your country, as it is convenient, secure, and fast.
  2. Checks- Adsense checks are deposits only and cannot be cashed. They are issued by Citibank and you will most likely receive the check in 2-4 weeks following the mailing date. If your country supports EFT, you cannot go for this option. 
  3. Rapida- This payment method is available for publishers with individual accounts and Russian payment addresses. 
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  1. EFT via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)- Publishers based in the European region can choose this adsense payment method. Your earnings will be directly deposited into your account, much like EFT, but in Euros, making the process simpler and more efficient.  
  2. Wire Transfer- Through this payment method, your earnings will be transferred to your bank account in Euros or U.S. dollars, as per your location.

Note: You will need to make one of these payment methods your primary form of payment for receiving the due amount. 

  • After getting done with all these steps, you will be eligible for receiving the payment if your balance reaches the ‘payment threshold’ at the end of the month. 

Payment Threshold

As a publisher, you will be required to set a payment threshold and you will be receiving the money at the end of the month only if your current balance reaches the set amount. For example, if your payment threshold is $150, your current balance should be $150 or more for you to receive the payment. 

Even though Google provides a default payment threshold, you can increase it as per your needs.

Other than the above mentioned thresholds, Google also has a default cancelation threshold in case a publisher wants to cancel their Adsense account. If your account balance is more than the cancelation threshold, you will be sent the rest of the payment in about 90 days after the month ends. You should have gone through all the necessary steps though for getting paid. 

Each type of threshold, including the payment threshold, is different for different currencies. Here’s the default thresholds for a few of them:

In case your balance doesn’t reach the payment threshold, your money will remain in the adsense account until the next payment cycle is completed. The accrued amount will then be transferred to you at the end of the next payment cycle. 

Another thing to note is that publishers will receive the payment as per the process at the end of every month and the frequency for the same cannot be changed. However, publishers can choose to hold their payments on a temporary basis for upto a year. The single payment with accrued earnings will then be transferred to you a few days after the specified date. 

Google Adsense Payment Timeline

Google Adsense follows a monthly payment cycle. This means that publishers are issued the payment between 21st and 26th, given their earnings are higher than the payment threshold and they have no payment holds (more about this later). The time at which different publishers receive the actual payment may vary depending on their chosen Adsense payment method, timezone, and if 21st falls on a holiday or weekend. 

To understand the Google Adsense payment timeline properly, let’s take a look at the types of earnings that are shown on publishers’ homepage.

  • Estimated Earnings: This report will let you know about your recent account activities. Basically, you will be shown your earnings according to the recent activities on your account. 
  • Finalized Earnings: Estimated earnings are finalized at the end of each month. This amount excludes all the earnings through invalid activities. Google finalizes your earnings on the 3rd of each month.

If your estimated earnings and finalized earnings are different it means that some invalid activity, such as invalid clicks, have occurred on your website. 

The balance you’ll be shown at the end will be the amount that you will be paid at the end of the month. This includes all finalized earnings, credits, and debits. 

Reasons for Payment Hold and How to Resolve them

Most likely Google won’t hold your payment if you have followed all the necessary steps and are complying with policies. But payments can be held if you missed out some step. Below are listed the possible reasons for Adsense payment holds and what you can do about it. 

  1. A payment hold can be because you forgot to submit tax-related information. Getting done with the same will resolve the issue. 

  2. If your address and identity haven’t been verified, your payment will be put on hold. For removing the hold, make sure to enter the PIN for address verification and verify your identity. 

  3. Google will also be forced to hold your payment if you haven’t set a form of payment. Ensure that you do so for getting paid on time. 

  4. If you have put a hold on your payments and have forgotten to remove it, Google will not be able to send you the money. 

  5. In case you see a compliance hold on your account, you probably haven’t verified your personal information. This payment hold will be lifted as soon as you do so. 

  6. Lastly, your account may be under review for checking if it is complying with Adsense policies. In this case, the payment hold will automatically be lifted after the review is done with. 
    If, however, you see none of these issues on your dashboard, your balance is greater than the payment threshold, and payment is due for over 60 days and you still haven’t received payment, you can request a reissue from Google Adsense.

Additional Information about Adsense Payment Procedure

Here are listed some of the noteworthy things about Google Adsense payment:

  • Publishers are provided with a printable receipt on their account after a payment is issued.    
  • Adsense converts advertisers’ money from their currencies to publishers’ desired currencies according to the market rate the day before ads are displayed. 
  • Even though account ownership transfers are not allowed by Adsense, publishers still have the option of updating/changing their payee address or name. The details however, should match the tax information provided by the publisher. 
  • Google Adsense does not allow publishers to change their payment currency. 

Factors that Affect Ad Revenue

Since this post focuses on actual earnings of publishers, we thought it would be helpful to list some aspects that affect the same:

  • The adsense ad formats that you are using may have a significant impact on your revenue generation. For example, the CPM rates for display ads and matched content ads may vary in the industry. So, choosing ideal ad formats according to your niche and content will give you higher returns. 
  • Seasonality trends also affect ad revenue widely. Basically, you may earn more revenue in some months and relatively lesser revenue in others. You can optimize your website accordingly to take advantage of specific trends that occur during the year. 
  • This has probably been said enough, but having content that actually holds the interest of your audience is the easiest way to ensure high revenue. For example, publishers are often advised to provide long-form content that is in-depth and relevant. 
  • The niche of your website definitely impacts the kind of revenue you are earning. So, make sure to include content on your website that speaks to a larger audience. 


1. When do I get paid?

If you have completed all the necessary steps and your dashboard is not showing any issues, then you will receive your payment between the 21st and 26th of the month. 

2. What can I do if my EFT payment was sent to a closed account?

In this case, the payment will be sent back to your Adsense account and will be reissued to your new account in some days. 

3. Can I track my Google Adsense payment if the form of payment is ‘check’?

Unfortunately, Google does not provide any tracking facilities. 

4. Can my payment currency be changed?

No, Google does not allow you to change your payment currency. 

5. Does Google provide a receipt?

Yes, you are provided with a payment receipt after the payment is issued every month. You can print the receipt for future purposes. 

6. What to do if my payment is on hold for no reason?

If you have complied with all the terms and requirements, you can request Adsense for a reissue. 

7. Is my Adsense income taxable?

Yes, if your country collects tax, then your adsense payment is taxable as well. The amount of tax depends upon the location and personal situation. 

8. Can I increase my payment threshold?

Yes, if the default threshold doesn’t suit your needs, Google allows you to increase it.  

9. What happens if my balance is lesser than my payment threshold?

In this case, you will not be eligible for getting paid for the month. Your payment will remain in your Adsense account and you will receive your payment in the next cycle when your balance reaches the payment threshold. 

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