Out of sight, not out of mind!

Have you ever found yourself playing a game inside a game? 

Yes! We are talking about playable ads that pop up right after we make a move to the next level. These five-second playable ads gained popularity after annoying, out-of-the-blue, and intrusive pop-up ads. The emergence of Interstitial ads took app and game developers to level up. This ad format is the most dynamic way to attract users and build site profitability. 

Before we start, let’s understand the term Interstitial ads.

What are Interstitial Ads?

Interstitial Ads take up the entire screen of the device in use, covering the whole interface of the host website or application. These ads usually appear naturally after timed intervals, say after completing a certain task or level.

These ads are popularly wielded by application or game developers. Instead of frequent displays that tank the user experience, Interstitial ads with dynamic and catchy layouts are great ways to lure users into clicking on the ad. Consequently, it adds to high impression rates and CTRs for faster conversions. 

Interstitial ads are generally compatible with mobile interfaces and can comprise images ads, text-only ads, audiovisual ads, or rich media ads. Rather than being intrusive, interstitial ads are strategically planned and positioned to be displayed in the middle of content. 

Interestingly, these ads come with the option of 

  • 1. Instant close ( in case of image ads)
  • 2. 5 – second delay option ( in case of video or interactive ads) 
Interstitial Ad Network for Publishers in 2022

It empowers the user with two universal choices! Either to return to their app or to click on the ad. 


As lucrative as these sound, Interstitial Ads come with certain guidelines and protocols to be followed :

  • 1. Overwhelming the user with rapid, haphazard interstitial ads can compel Google to penalize the website developers.
  • 2. Displaying interstitial ads right after the app launch or every task in another way to be penalized.
  • 3. Repetitive interstitial ads also breach the protocol.

Premium Interstitial Ad Networks of 2023

To get the best out of this formidable tool of your ad inventory, various interstitial ad networks or SSP (Supply-side Platforms) can be coordinated, which are mentioned below. 

1. InMobi as an Interstitial Ad Network

The top ad network to empower your ad inventory, with approachability exceeding 1.5 billion mobile devices, is none other than InMobi. Exclusively curated for mobile intelligence, it is a platform that optimizes ads as per content relevance to build a vast, engaging audience. It started as an SMS-based search service and was revamped as a mobile advertising network. 

Why use it? 

  • The high-impact Interstitial ad technology enables smooth transitioning of ads to deliver impactful marketing messages.
  • CPM rate can range from USD 2.5 to USD 7.5, depending upon the operating system.
  • CPM supported revenue system

2. Google Ads ( Admob) as an Interstitial Ad Network

This mobile ad networking platform is previously referred to as Admob, powered by Google Ads, and this Mobile ad networking platform uses easy-to-use tools to create innovative ad formats to retain customers, enjoying excellent UX. 

Why visit?

  • It allows you to integrate all ad formats with your app.
  • It facilitates your ads through endless analysis from Google Analytics Firebase with Swift reporting.
  • Maximizes the value of each impression to get higher revenues. 

3. Start.io as an Interstitial Ad Network

with over 500K integrated apps, Start.io incorporates First-Party Data to enhance the publisher’s perception of customers’ needs. By finding the right audience for a specific segment, you can launch power-packed insightful campaigns with assured result delivery.

With an overwhelming variety of ad formats, from rich media to native ads and banner ads, your website or application can make money in no time. 

4. Meta Audience Network as an Interstitial Ad Network

Another top-notch platform of 2023 is Meta Audience Network ( also called Facebook Audience Network, equipped with a wide inventory of ad formats!

Why choose it?

  • Interstitial ads on this platform are immersive and meticulously created to give a “low latency experience” to users.
  • Publishers can avail interstitial ads in the rewarded video, playable ad format to give an advantageous edge to developers and users.

5. Exo Click as an Interstitial Ad Network

An innovative ad network offering 20+ ad formats with an optimized target audience, Its round-the-clock customer service entitles it to be one of the topmost interstitial ad networks.

Why choose this?

  • Over 12 billion geo-targeted ads are served daily to 65K publishers globally.
  • Exclusive support of SaaS technology.
  • Offers a referral program with a 5% of lifetime commission.

6. Adxxx as an Interstitial Ad Network

Pioneering in the Adult Advertising Market, Adxxx, with 10+ years of experience, utilizes a plethora of advertising offers to sign direct contracts with publishers all around the globe.

Why choose it?

  • Extensive coverage – 180+ countries, 6 continents.
  • Assured selling of advertising space with enhanced e-CPMs.
  • Compatible with all devices with a 5-minute setup process.
  • 7-day payment plan with 4500$ average payout weekly.

7. Media.net as an Interstitial Ad Network

collaborated with the top tier news publishers such as Forbes, WebMD, CNN, USA Today; Media.net prides itself as the highest paying ad network and the 5th biggest Ad Tech company. With an exclusive entry/joining program, this network revamps the site’s potential to its zenith. Although, this site partners with only quality content websites.

Why use it?

  • Growth of ad revenue by 2x.
  • Dedicated yield optimization team at your beck and call.

8. Smaato as an Interstitial Ad Network

Smaato is a simplified and excellent mobile advertising platform with a reach of beyond one billion. With the vision of monetizing each website, this network is a vestibule to in-app inventory.  

Why use it?

  • An autonomous publisher ad server gives the publishers control to create data-driven, impactful ad campaigns.
  • Consent Management platform to ensure the approach of campaigns to the right audience.
  • Control over first-party data for stronger ROI and effective reach.


Interstitial ads can be quite engaging, if not seamlessly interrupt the user experience. The interstitial ad networks mentioned above support interstitial Ad formats if you are on board for monetising your website with the highest revenue. With an appealing impact on viewers, Interstitial ads enjoy dominance over pop-up ads and banner ads, this being the most deployed ad format! 


  • Why are Interstitial ads beneficial?
  • Interstitial ads are profitable if you are looking for a wide engaged audience. With high visibility and attention-grabbing character, these ads generally have high CTRs, calling the user to take action. These ads amplify user awareness by utilizing the ad space on any device.

    How to identify the best interstitial ad network?

    Although the interstitial ad networks mentioned earlier are amazing platforms that can monetize the website with speedy result assurance, our recommendations are Media.net, Adxxx, and Exoclick.

    What are recommended interstitial ad network platforms?

    Before collaborating with these networks, it is pivotal for the publishers to realize the payment plan, variety of impactful ad formats, and the optimizing tools and revenue model offered.

  • Which is more effective: interstitial ads or banner ads?
  • Our verdict is that Interstitial ads are better than banner ads that go out of sight. Interstitial ads are relatively compelling and eye-catching, offering high CTRs and better chances of conversion. Many platforms deploy Interstitial ads to increase their audience and revenue.  


    Shubham is a digital marketer with rich experience working in the advertisement technology industry. He has vast experience in the programmatic industry, driving business strategy and scaling functions including but not limited to growth and marketing, Operations, process optimization, and Sales.

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    Get access to resources that will help
    you stay ahead of the curve.

    With stories on the latest industry trends, insightful blogs, and assets with links of deeper dive, join 10k+publishers to get your knowledge bite from Adpushup.