30+ blogs and 160+ resources that cover most crucial things on building an audience, branding, marketing etc. Together they represent the best blogging advice.

Are you struggling with generating a constant stream of revenue from your blog? Or does creating high-quality content seem like a herculean task? I hear you. Blogging can get tricky and redundant.

The internet is full of noise and reaching your target audience can sometimes feel like shooting arrows in the dark. As a publisher, there are many things you need to take care of – researching, writing, driving traffic through SEO and social media marketing, building relationships with other bloggers, etc.

In this post, I share 35 authority blogs you should follow for taking your blog to the next level. There is no particular ranking order here. The blogs have only been sorted and fall in the following categories –

  • Blogging Advice,
  • WordPress Tips,
  • Online Marketing,
  • Self-Improvement

For every authority blog, I start with a brief paragraph about its establishment and the subjects they write on. Then, I share some relevant posts and resources along with every blog.

I’ve tried to cover a lot of ground concerning blogging – from post ideas, researching and writing tips to email marketing, branding, Twitter/Pinterest marketing, revamping old content and building relationships, among others.

I’ve mentioned 160+ resources that cover most crucial things on building an audience, branding, marketing etc. Together they can be said to be the best blogging advice.

Being full of useful resources, I would reckon you to bookmark or pocket this post so that you can come to it later.

Towards the end of the post there is a surprise waiting for you; make sure you don’t leave mid-way.

Before we dive into the best blogging resources, check out this infographic on how to start a blog:

how to start a blog in 2023
Source: Ecommerce.com

Now, without further ado, let’s get started:

Best Blogging Sites and Platforms in 2023

1. Boost Blog Traffic

Started by Jon Morrow, this blog has many value adding posts on driving traffic, building your email list and becoming an authority in your niche. Jon was the former associate editor at Copyblogger and founder of the prolific guest blogging program.

-Grab their resources on writing viral blog posts and blogging tools that will make you insanely productive

-BBT also receives amazing guest contributions. Read some of their most awesome ones on getting interviewed by popular blogs without being an authority

– A compact guide to grammar for busy bloggers

-101 writing resources (a result of many months careful internet scouring) in the form of eBooks, magazines, videos, communities, etc.

2. Pro Blogger

They are a pioneer in the make money online blogging niche. Founder Darren Rowse has been blogging since 2002 and has written in many niches besides blogging, like pop culture and spirituality.

Problogger was started in 2004 and Darren has added over 7000 articles, tips and case studies in Pro Blogger archives.

-Darren has created paid resources (6 eBooks) to help you become successful as a blogger

-You can read the best posts in the blog’s featured section

-Some detailed insights on how to make money blogging in this post

-Additionally, the blog has a job board if you want to hire freelance bloggers and writers or get hired as one

-You should also check out the cool downloads at Problogger community including a broken image finder plugin, sticky top bar messenger, infinite scroller, etc.

3. Blog Tyrant

For the first two years, Ramsay, the founder, blogged anonymously (writing 99 posts). And he managed to amass over 10,000 blog subscribers.

He is a blogging expert and sells blogs for 5-figures. Ramsay wants bloggers to enjoy the kind of freedom and independence he enjoys. So, he has developed Blog Tyrant into an engaging community and addresses members as tyrant troops.

-Case study of how Ramsay sold his fitness blog for 20,000$ in 8 months

-The Blog Tyrant home page lists a classic section with 6 awesome posts that you must read

-If you want detailed advice on starting a blog, then this 9,381 words post will be of great help

-Confused how blogging can get profitable? Grab this free report on 5 steps to profitable blogging

-Presenting 15 predictions for the blogging community in 2015

4. OakWords:

OakWords is a great platform for anyone who wants to make a career in writing or blogging. Launched in 2021, the website offers highly-informative and up-to-date information on blogging trends, self-publishing, book marketing, novel writing, and fiction writing.

5. Top Rank Blog

This is another marvelous blog on business blogging, social media marketing, SEO, content marketing started by Lee Oden in December 2003.

It is ranked number 1 small business blog on Technorati. Lee has shared his expertise on online marketing writing over a million words. Read the latest posts on blogging here.

-Read Lee’s 7 lessons for better business blogging

-There is so much happening every moment online and you need to keep track of content every moment. This post lists 10 tools for real time content discovery

-Do you want to simplify content marketing? Grab the 12 eBooks bundle on content marketing mentioned in the post

6. John Chow

John Chow’s blog is among the top money making blogs and read by over 200,000 readers daily.

He went from 0 to 40,000$ per month in just two years, working only 2 hours per day. John claims to be the ‘original dot com mogul’ and his book on making money online became a best seller on Amazon in a week. Read his latest posts on blogging.

-He has a 7 module detailed paid course on setting up your blog

-You should also checkout his eBook on making 6 figures on the internet and living the dot com lifestyle

-If you are curious to make money online, then this list of ad networks will interest you

7. Daily Blog Tips

At Daily Blog Tips, you get posts on everything concerning blogging. From preparing your blog for first time visitors, get efficient by avoiding bad blogging habits, getting around with WordPress and other web tools, social media marketing, etc. You also get a visual flavor in the video blog reviews by DBT.

-5 neat tricks to enhance your next blog post

-Your niche needs to be chosen carefully for your blog to be successful. Presenting some tips to ensure that your niche isn’t too narrow

8. How to Make My Blog

Marko Saric started the blog in 2008. It has an authentic voice and a good visual treat along with text posts.

-Here is a cool infographic on choosing a good domain name for your blog

-Some people still use BlogSpot over the WordPress platform for blogging. Deep dive into the BlogSpot vs. WordPress debate to recognize the winner

-How cool would it be if your old content could be recycled to get new visitors? Here is a post on bringing old blog posts into spotlight

-There are tons of guidelines and advices to follow on blogging. Here are 18 pieces of blogging advice that you should ignore

-Choosing a theme and designing your WordPress blog can be tough. Here are 5 best WordPress themes with design essentials to help you

9. Blogging Tips

This is another value adding blog by a six-figure money making blogging expert. Zac Johnson and Kevin Muldoon started Blogging Tips in 2007.

And they along with a team of high-quality writers from different parts of the world share tips on succeeding in the blogging world. They help bloggers to become an authority in their niche.

-You can check out their free course on blogging

-Browse through the interviews section having expert advice from likes of Pat Flynn (from Smart Passive Income), Spencer Haws (from Niche Pursuits), Brain Dean (from Backlinko), etc.

-Read these posts on creating viral content and 3 easy steps to increase your website traffic

-Do you know Pinterest is a great platform to market your blog? Check this post on branding your blog using Pinterest

-If you are just starting a new WordPress blog, check the free themes offered by Blogging Tips. They are good for giving you a headstart (I like the Evolution and Principle themes)

-Browse through the resources section having an extensive list of tools (with their usability) that Zac and his team personally use

-You can also check Zac’s other blog where he shares his extensive internet marketing experience – mainly posts around affiliate marketing

10. Blogging Wizard

Adam Connell, the founder of Blogging Wizard has an inspiring story of how he turned things around online after failing in his first year building a record label (making only £6.21).

After this debacle, Adam launched a new service at a marketing agency (where he worked as an Operations manager) and grew its revenue into 5 figures in 3-5 months, working only 15-20 hours per month on marketing the service. He has also built numerous successful blogs.

-You might’ve got a vibe that Adam works at a tactical level. Here are 20 productivity tools from him to help bloggers get organized, automate tedious tasks, improve writing skills, etc.

-Confused whether you should guest blog, do onsite SEO or get a better design? Here are 43 online experts (likes of Neil Patel, Brain Dean, John Paul Aguiar) sharing their top tips to grow your online presence

-Grab free (and some paid) guides on WordPress plugins, helping you blog fast, etc in the resources section. The guide on list building is amazing effectively and super practical

-Building traffic is considered too generic advice now. Conversion is the hidden goldmine. Here are some smart blogging tips to get better results with less traffic

-Give yourself a VIP treatment by subscribing to Blogging Wizard’s email list and getting a special eBook on growing your traffic 425% faster

11. Shout Me Loud

Harsh Agrawal started this blog in December 2008. His motto was turning a business out of blogging.

Addressing his members as shouters, the blog is based in India and has won many awards. It is extremely popular in the Indian blogosphere for its useful online marketing and blogging tips.

– 21 Twitter tools for power users

-Hangouts are getting popular for lead generation. Here is a guide on recording hangouts

-Use this guide to setup your blog’s email marketing using AWeber in next 25 minutes

-If you are using WordPress, check out the technical WordPress tutorials by Harsh at his other blog WP Free Setup

12. Successful Blogging

Started by Sue Anne Dunlevie, the blog shares tips on selling your own products, services, growing audience, etc. Sue aims at helping bloggers build a lifestyle friendly business.

-Getting the first subscribers on your blog can be hard. Grab the free eBook on attracting 1000 subscribers in 30 days.

-Pinterest Marketing can help increase engagement and traffic on your blog. Presenting an expert roundup post with valuable tips for marketing on Pinterest

-For building a successful blog, you need to innovate and take chances. Get courage to execute your novel ideas by reading this post on 21 expert bloggers (many from our list above) revealing the biggest risk they took and it paid off

-Another great roundup post on the mistakes 33 bloggers committed as a new blogger

67 free (or low cost) tools for blogging effectively, getting more subscribers, generating blogging topics, analyzing headlines, website analytics, social media marketing etc.

13. Blogging Pro

This news site has been around since 2003. It publishes latest happenings in the blogging and WordPress world.

-It has a job board for bloggers and copywriters.

-A list of books on blogging by likes of Huffington Post, WordPress Indepth etc.

-Some tips for better web security in WordPress along with recommended web hosts

-A useful list of 15 Apps for bloggers

-A list of 11 WordPress plugins for giving the modern blogger a competitive edge (beyond Akismet, Jetpack, WP Super Cache, etc)

14. We Blog Better

Neil Egginton started We Blog Better in 2008. He wanted to be seen on web and not be drowned in the internet noise. He is a self-taught prolific blogger and shares tips on generating traffic, building a stronger network, writing better blog posts, making money, etc.

-5 Tips on creating search engine optimized pdf files

-A guest post by a songwriter on keeping your mailing list and website alive in the social media driven world

-You can read his other blogging tips in this section

15. Entrepreneurs-Journey

Yaro’s inspiring story of making money online dates back to 1998. Initially, he made 50-100 $ from banner Ads and by early 2000s he was making 500-1000$/month.

He even started an editing business – betteredit.com and tried to leverage blogging to increase his business. He has sold a couple of websites – MTGParadise.com for 5 figures and BetterEdit.com for six figures.

In 2005, Yaro started entrepreneurs-journey to share his previous entrepreneurial experiences. He is a big fan of email marketing and relied on it to grow his blogging income to 100,000$/year.

– A post on how Yaro sold BetterEdit.com for 6 figures

-How blogging for money has changed in 2015

-Why you need to strategically choose social media platforms for marketing your blog

-Yaro’s making money online course with 5 modules – choosing a topic, building a website, driving traffic, testing and combining different money making methods, optimizing and automating online business and a bonus section on thinking like a superhuman

-The section featuring success stories offers tremendous learning. In an interview, Natalie MacNeil, an Emmy Award winner shares how she earns half-million dollars a year

-In 2 years and on a 2 hour workday, Yaro grew his blog earning 10,000$/month. He also started a membership site and created a training course resulting in 250,000$ worth of profits for him. These free reports reveal how he went around achieving such staggering results.

Websites to Learn WordPress

16. WordPress for beginners

WPBeignner is a Wikipedia for WordPress with top quality tips, tricks in-depth tutorials for WordPress websites. Syed Balki started it in 2009 targeting DIY users.

It distinguished itself from the technical WordPress tutorial blogs present during that time.

-Master WordPress with these 23 video tutorials (accessible after creating your free account at WPBeginner)

-If you are ever confused about the terminologies used in WordPress, here is a handy WordPress dictionary you should refer

-A list of plugins, tools and services that WPBeginner uses. You definitely need to trust them with anything related to WordPress

-Plugins make WordPress websites more awesome. Here are 20 must have WordPress plugins in 2015 (picked by the expert editorial team)

-Confused how to create tables or add YouTube videos? Or want some keyboard shortcuts for WordPress? Presenting 14 tips for mastering the WordPress Visual Editor to make you super productive

-The Best WordPress tutorials of 2014 on WPBeginner including moving comments from one post to other, resizing images without losing quality, switching from jetpack to AWeber, etc.

17. Lorelle VanFossen

Lorelle VanFossen is a WordPress expert and hosts the WordPress school.

She started with a blog id of 72 on August 16, 2005. And has contributed (created or edited) 600+ articles to WordPress Codex – the online wordpress manual. She writes about blogging, web design and social media.

10 HTML tags you need to know with rules and guidelines you need to follow (You are good to publish in WordPress as soon as you complete learning these tags)

-Tips and techniques for speeding up the process of blogging and making it work for you

-A WordPress publishing checklist for you next post

-If you ever need to access the database, here is a tutorial on searching, replacing and deleting in the WordPress database

18. Enstine Muki

Enstine Muki loves PHP, development and writing. He has developed WordPress plugins like cashdonator for generating more income from your blog.

-Many people start blogging to make money, but are confused about the process. Here is a 21 step detailed post on making a blog that makes money

-Tired of continuous spamming on your blog? Enstine recommends WordPress Hascash plugin to fight it out

-If you’ve many blogs on WordPress managing them might become a hassle. Enstine recommends using ManageWP that introduces single dashboard for multiple blogs

-Make sure you are not conducting any of these 9 mistakes that’ll discourage a visitor from coming to your blog the second time

-Enstine experimented with a premium post on his blog, selling it for $1.99 and he received good feedback on it. Check out how you can get 5000$ a month with 1000+ banners on one blog

19. Start Blogging Online

Mike Wallagher, who has built many blogs, started it. He is a WordPress expert. As a WP developer or designer, you can learn lots from his posts.

-A WordPress cheat sheet with codes for navigator menu, template, php snippets for header, etc.

-An advanced WordPress sheet with more customization possibilities and code for previous and next post links, styling individual posts, unique images for different categories, css theme details etc.

-Do you know you can build a forum, start an online school, etc. with WordPress? Here are 47 things you can do on WordPress besides blogging

-Troubled with finding ideas to blog? Here are 135 blog ideas that’ll make your next blog post hot

20. Quick Online Tips

Launched in 2004, it is run by P. Chandra. QOT publish software tool tips, blogging tips, social media marketing tips and SEO tips.

They are based out of India and have won awards by BlogAdda, listed in top blogs by Daily Blog Tips and respected top 100 WordPress blogs by WPMU.

-A cool hack of adding wayback machine archive links on 404 pages – requires adding only two lines of code

-Set up HTTP 410 error pages with .htaccess in WordPress

-Are you a WordPress theme designer? Presenting a tutorial on creating WordPress theme files without ftp

-Optimizing your AdSense can help in notching up your earnings. Here is some official adsense optimization expert advice

-You can also access all the other cool technical blogging tutorials

Websites to Learn Online Marketing

21. Jeff Bullas

Jeff is widely known as a social media influencer – Forbes Top 50 (has 306 K followers on Twitter). His blog has posts on social media marketing, SEO, email marketing and content marketing.

-If you are just starting your blog, there is some good advice on the get started and the resources pages

-If you are confused with the strategies for blogging, download the free 8 key steps to blogging mastery eBook

-Are you using WordPress? Read the 15 most common WordPress mistakes

-Every publisher wants to go viral. Here are 10 ways to create contagious content

22. KISSmetrics

They are innovative SaaS Company offering cloud software. While, their product will help you make intelligent marketing decisions, the KISSmetrics blog offers tremendous marketing advice and value. The posts mainly revolve around online marketing, analytics and testing.

-You can read all post on blogging at KISSmetrics in this archive

-Ensure that you are not committing any of the 8 common mistakes on your blog that Neil lists

-KISSmetrics also has a bunch of useful marketing guides on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Reddit, Digg, Quora. And fixing your marketing funnel, color psychology, conversion optimization, email marketing, etc. To spice up your online marketing efforts you should definitely check these marketing guides

-If you are not in the mood of reading, KISSmetrics has insightful visual resources – webinars and infographics on a range of subjects including growth hacking, content marketing, web design, marketing research, landing pages, etc.

23. Social Media Examiner

Michael Stelzner founded this online magazine in 2007.

They have 90 awesome writers on their team delivering high-quality articles to help businesses connect with their customers, increase traffic and sales using social media.

They also run two popular podcasts to keep you abreast with the latest happenings in the social media world.

-If you want quick information on social media happenings then listen to their social media show. And you cannot give a miss to their weekly podcast on social media marketing

-If you are planning to start using a particular social media for marketing your blog or website, then the getting started page at is a great place. It has neatly categorized articles on marketing using YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and using podcasting/blogging to fuel your business

-Don’t forget to get your free social media marketing industry report

24. Brian Solis

He is widely known as a thought leader on social media. And he has authored several best-selling books on social media marketing. On his blog, he writes about how evolving technologies affect businesses and society.

The Brian Solis blog is ranked among the top 10 marketing blogs in Adage Power 150 and it is among the top 100 business blogs by Technokrati.

As a blog publisher, you can expect valuable advice on marketing, branding and selling your products from him.

-Brain also hosts a video series. He interviews experts to address leveraging new media for businesses. Watch Guy Kawasaki’s interview on the art of enchantment on Brain’s show

-Read his predictions on 25 disruptive technology trends for 2015-2016

-You can also follow Brain’s latest posts on LinkedIn

25. Neil Patel and Quick Sprout

Neil is an internet marketing classic and a prolific blogger.

You’ve to follow his posts at both NeilPatel.com and QuickSprout.com. At NeilPatel.com, he shares the strategies he has used to cross 100,000 monthly visitors. And QuickSprout posts are mostly on online marketing.

Neil’s ideas are original and practical. I love his predictions on where internet marketing is headed and the case studies about his investments in life and online.

-He recently took the mammoth challenge of generating 100,000$/month in one year from now from a new blog he is going to start in the nutrition niche. Do follow his posts from this challenge closely

-Read how you can become a productive blogger in 2015

-Visual content is proving to be a major winner on the internet. Here is a case study on how Neil and his team leveraged infographics driving 60,000 visitors

-Having problems with coming up for a title for your post? Here is how to craft the perfect headline

-The Quick Sprout University is a great place to hang out and learn concepts of online marketing

-Are you always confused whether to write for humans or Google spiders? Here is how to create content for people that is optimized for Google

-You’ve to check out all the guides that lay on Quick Sprout’s sidebar. Start with the advanced content marketing guide

26. Smart Passive Income

As the name of blog suggests, Pat Flynn(founder SPI) is a passive income expert and shares strategies on online marketing for generating an income.

Nevertheless, you can learn a lot on blogging and internet marketing from the wealth of experience he shares on his blog and 3 podcasts.

-If you are interested in building a passive income, then Passive Income 101 is a great place to start

Blogging tips including tutorials on getting images for your blog, getting more comments, WordPress plugins to use, becoming a remarkable blogger

-Check Pat’s complete list of tools for keyword research, landing pages, email marketing, hosting, advertising, testing, security, etc.

-Building relationships with other bloggers is helpful for the growth of your blog. Here is a free 52-page eBook on relationship building

-You can get even more traffic on your most popular blog posts. Here are 10 specific strategies

-Don’t miss the best of SPI section. It has posts on blogging practices, affiliate marketing, YouTube video strategies, building an email list etc.

27. Niche Pursuits

This is a brilliant blog on developing niche websites by Spencer Haws.

Since 2009, he shares experiences of building websites, buying and selling websites, taking up software development projects on the blog.

He even shares his failures, making the blog’s voice human and authentic.

-Read the case study of Spencer’s software project (Long Tail Pro) making him a whopping $261,225 in 20 days

-He also runs a podcast where experts share valuable internet marketing tips. Listen to the interviews of Rand Fishkin and Neil Patel

-Listen to Brain Dean’s podcast where he shares how he grew a thriving blog with less content

-Listen to Spencer’s podcast interview with Sam from FinancialSamurai.com on building a successful blog in a competitive niche

-Leveraging Reddit to get 10,000 page views and a PA 48 backlink in 2 weeks

-Spencer has built his own tools to take internet marketing efforts to the next level. Check out the WordPress front-end content builder that claims to save 30 minutes per 1000 words

-You can also try the awesome Long Tail Pro free for 10 days.

28. Occam’s Razor

Cool blog name, right? Avinash, the founder of the blog believes that we assume and create complex scenarios around data. He wants us to keep it simple and that is what the “Occam’s principle” is all about.

Avinash Kaushik started this analytics blog in 2006. He has authored two bestselling books – Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics an hour a day.

You can expect digital marketing and analytics advice and tools to use for your blog from Avinash.

-Read 10 blogging tips by Avinash in this post

-Some of the best posts on the blog (sorted by their category)

– Make sure you are not committing any of these digital marketing crimes

-Confused about measuring the success of your blog? Here are 6 recommended metrics for measuring success of your blog

29. Contently

They are thought leaders of content marketing covering various industries – B2B, B2C, Tech, Travel, etc and write under media, brand, social media tips sections.

The best part is they work with brands day in and day out. So, they know what works and even have a section dedicated to case studies of their own and other brands.

-Check out their wealth of resources to spice your content marketing efforts

-A study on how mint turned content into a big business

-Brilliant article on how we are changing measuring our content and traffic

-Confused about how many articles should you publish per week? Or how to develop your brand voice? Here is an article answering 18 such biggest content marketing questions

-A study of 2.6 billion shares on which publishers are dominating what social media with takeaways

-Looking for help with content distribution? Here are top 10 content distribution platforms with their pros and cons

-Are you after growth hacking? Here are 7 key strategies on building a loyal audience

Websites for Self-Improvement Tips

30. Chris Brogan

Chris is a self-improvement coach and feels blogging requires an entrepreneur’s mindset.

He helps increase their connections and writes on sales, marketing, personal fitness and leadership.

You won’t find geeky technology pieces on his blog. But he has some fresh ideas. For a start, he preaches “using content and community to build marketplaces around their areas of belonging.”

-As per his recent chat with Brain Clark and Darren Rowse – content is only the campfire, not the king. It is the start of journey where you meet people. Read his brilliant point of view in this post

-Grab this free pdf on 100 blog topics for your next business blog post

-Chris turned off blog comments and endorses it due to the continuous spam

-You can tune into his podcast for more tips on self-improvement, advertising, marketing, etc.

31. Four Hour Work Week

This is a blog by Tim Ferris – a pioneer in defining passive income and self-help. Tim wrote a book on ways to make money without attaching your time to it that went on to become a best-seller on Amazon.

He writes about increasing productivity and lifestyle design. And runs a podcast interviewing experts from various fields.

-Listen to his interviews with Arnold Schwarzenegger

-Grab Tim’s eBook on his recommended productivity tools and hacks by subscribing to his newsletter

-Case Study of how a men’s grooming brand gathered 100,000 emails in one week along with successful templates

-For the book lovers, here is a constantly updated section you will love on the books that shaped multimillionaires and prodigies

-Tony Robbins, a life coach talks about morning routines and mastering money

32. Aha Now

Harleena Singh started Aha Now in December 2010 as a family blog.

In 2012, it grew to a blog about personal development and was in the list of the top 10 global personal development blogs for 2015 by The Start of Happiness. Although a self-improvement blog, there are value-adding resources at Aha-Now for bloggers.

-Do you feel overworked, but are afraid to take a break from blogging? Here is a refreshing post on taking a summer break from your blog, ditching these fears

-Building a brand is quintessential for every publisher. Here are some personal branding tips

-Blogging is not a bed of roses. Here are the 7 harsh realities of blogging that you must know

-Compelling is buzzword always associated with content. Here is 5 step detailed process of mastering the writing process to create compelling content.

Surprise – Forums to help you with blogging!

33. V7N

At V7N, you get help with selecting your niche, building links and SEO, blog promotion and anything concerning blogging. It has other sub-forums on web designing, web development, writing for web and even legal issues on the internet. Overall, it has 250,000+ members and 300,000+ threads.

34. Warrior Forum

Since 1997, warrior forum is widely considered the best forum on internet marketing. It has 921,000+ members and 616,000+ threads (for everyone from total novice to experts). Everyone is helpful and you can learn a lot on online marketing by reading through previous posts and discussions.

35. Wicked Fire

They have some of the best information and advice out there on PPC, CPA and affiliate marketing. Currently the forum has over 180,000 members and 145,000 threads.

It has sub-forums on traffic and content, design, development and programming, and hosting and domains, etc. You can learn lots on blogging, SEO and more on this forum.

Warning – Do your research before posting in this forum or else be ready for some vulgar comments directed at you.

36. Moz

Moz has a brilliant community (not a conventional forum) of helpful people with a solid SEO background to help you with technical and non-technical SEO. It is a great place to hangout, learn a lot and build relationships with search marketers. You can post your questions here.

You can even contribute blog posts at YouMoz. If the post is high quality, it is published on the main blog, giving you tremendous exposure.

A fun thing is gamifying of the community by adding Moz points for completing your profile, commenting on posts, publishing posts at YouMoz, etc. After you gain 200 points you can remove the no-follow tag from one of the URLs on your profile. What a huge win that is!

37. WordPress Support

This is the official WordPress support community and people are very helpful across all sub-forums.

If you’ve any problem with themes, plugins, any buttons or bars on your page or installation, then this is the place for you. Some advanced hacks and detailed troubleshooting advice is also available. For some professional themes, you can get support by posting in relevant sub-forums.

38. Aha Now

This community was started in July 2014. The blogging forums have a good discussion on getting traffic, being a better blogger and even celebrating your blogging success. You can expect value-adding responses that solve your query. There are forums on SEO, social media, WordPress, self-improvement, making money, etc.

39. Inbound and Growth Hackers

Inbound Marketing and Growth Hackers have a Reddit style platform – anyone can post links in the forum.

Then, the most voted one is the most actively discussed. It is a good place to discuss latest posts and happenings in the online marketing world.

Whether you are just starting or at an advanced stage of blogging or content marketing, these blogs are a great place to hangout. I hope that you find the resources and posts useful.

You might not immediately need these tutorials, posts or resources. Pocket the post so that you can refer it when you are stuck and need any help with blogging.

If you want to find out advice on a specific subject, please search (keyboard shortcut – Ctrl + F). Example – Say you want tips on email marketing, then press Ctrl + F. And key in “email marketing.” You should get posts, case studies and blogs on the same.

What are the other helpful blogs, posts and resources that you would like to add to this list? Let me know in the comments.

Do share the post with your blogger friends or anyone else you think might find it useful.


1. What is good advice for beginning bloggers?

A great blogging tip for beginners is to write and schedule your posts in advance. Bloggers often schedule four to five posts over a few weeks by dedicating one day each month to writing them.

2. Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

Choosing a niche for your blog is the most important first step. When you’re a new blogger, a specific niche is crucial to building an audience. You can expand outwards in the future. It’s up to you which niche you choose.

3. Is blog a good idea?

Documenting your life through blogging is a wonderful way to reflect. It is possible to learn from both past joys and past mistakes to some extent. Keeping memories can help you see how far you’ve come and how much you’ve learned. If you’re journaling online, change names and details.


Shubham is a digital marketer with rich experience working in the advertisement technology industry. He has vast experience in the programmatic industry, driving business strategy and scaling functions including but not limited to growth and marketing, Operations, process optimization, and Sales.

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