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News: AdPushup featured on National Television (NDTV)

This is a shout out to all our current and potential customers that we were featured on the Emmy Award winning national news channel NDTV Prime as part of their documentary styled show “HeadsUp”.

The segment explored the booming start-up culture in India as well as discussing which startups will make it big in 2015.

In the 6 minute coverage (which is an eternity on television), founders Ankit Oberoi and Atul Agarwal talk about how AdPushup enables web-publishers/bloggers to make more money by helping them optimize their display ads and the resulting revenue.

It also covers some close-up shots of our 10 member team who were caught, admittedly, unawares during the filming.

(We were able to capture the above video thanks to Camtasia. We’ll replace it with the official NDTV video once they upload it to their channel)

And for good measure, we’ll end this post with a small pitch
• If you are a publisher/blogger/webmaster, click here to register for our free beta.
• If you are someone who thinks he/she will be a value addition to our team then click here because we are hiring!