We are really excited to share that AdPushup was recently recognized as a great workplace by the Great Place to Work® Institute!

Culture eats strategy for breakfast – that’s one of our core beliefs at AdPushup, and we’ve always believed in that.

Ankit Oberoi, Co-founder and CEO at AdPushup

Such beliefs precisely have helped AdPushup flourish at a tremendous pace – from a startup of 15-20 people to an organization of over 100 employees. And, we’re still growing! 

We say culture is significant, but what exactly does that mean?!

The answer is a tricky one. ‘Culture’ is not one thing or another but a blend of several different aspects, and all of them are equally important when we talk about building a team of talented, driven, and diverse people. So it is a feat really to achieve something like this, and a big thanks goes to AdPushup’s management team for acing in this area.  

Let’s hear directly from the employees of AdPushup and see why they think it is a great place to work.

Everything that Makes AdPushup a Great Place to Work

Not being the smartest in the room

It’s been more than half a decade since I worked with amazing and super talented folks. I have learned so much from all these people, giving me the chance to grow with the organization. Like the great Chinese philosopher Confucius said, ‘If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.’ Kudos to the founders and the management for hiring and retaining the coolest talent available. As the organization grows, so do the individuals – this kind of culture and hunger makes AdPushup a great place to work.

Dikshant Joshi, Director, Publisher Development

Room to share ideas at inter-and intra-team level

There are a couple of things that stand out for me – autonomy and idea meritocracy. Although there are targets, I’m mostly in control of the path I need to take to achieve those targets. The other thing is having the feeling of always being heard. Even though I don’t directly contribute to some aspects of marketing, there have been instances where some of my ideas have been used by the team. I have, in fact, benefited the most out of ideas coming from team members working outside of my direct team.

Shubham Grover, Marketing Strategist

Peer support and active participation

I have been working for over 5 years now in this organization, and it goes without saying that it is not just great but one of the best places to work. The opportunities to grow along with the company, encouragement to share ideas, supportive and helpful peers and management, and active participation are not luxuries but part of AdPushup’s culture.

Abhinav Choudhri, Director, Ad Operations

A place to grow and experience self-discovery

Three things stand out for me—the sense of ownership at work, the freedom to ideate, and a culture that grooms you both professionally and personally. AdPushup is indeed a great place to work as it promotes scalability, growth, and self-discovery at work.

Richa Agarwal, Marketing Strategist

A chance for young individuals to advance their career

When I started out at AdPushup, it was a very close-knit team with everyone sharing the common goal of growing this organization. While we have increased in numbers, I think that objective has remained intact. AdPushup offers young individuals a chance to advance their careers at an incredibly fast rate. This is a rare quality, which makes this organization a great place to work.

Sudisha Mishra, Content Editor

Team members are like family

I joined AdPushup a year back and proudly say that this organization is a ‘Great place to work’. We have been given the freedom to learn and grow and witness a culture of continuous improvement. This is an organization that pays attention to employee recognition and appreciation. And, of course, the best part is the familial sense among team members and excellent communication between management and staff, which makes the culture more unique.

Shruti Saini, Jr. Ad Ops Associate

Talent nurturing and peer-to-peer learning

I recently joined AdPushup as a PDR, and I find it a ‘Great place to work.’ Some of the elements that make it so are indeed the culture, the people, and the amount of time spent on nurturing talent. For example, recently, we had a session with the founder, Ankit Oberoi, on financial planning. He’s taking out the time to teach us about something which will not benefit him monetarily, or the company directly. This shows the kind of steps people are willing to take here to help each other grow. Happy to be here; it surely is great working here.

Tanmay Garg, Publisher Development Representative

Transparency and inclusive work culture

I recently joined AdPushup, and so far, it has been a great experience. What really makes a workplace great? It is the work culture, equal focus on both personal and professional growth, transparency, and most importantly, an inclusive environment. AdPushup has all of it and a lot more. It is one big work-family, where people focus on great work, care about each other, and are always ready to help. That’s what makes AdPushup the best workplace, and I am glad to be a part of this happy family.

Osheen Pradhan, Sr. Content Specialist

You get the picture, right? Everyone has different priorities and ideas about what makes a workplace great – someone values personal and professional growth; someone thinks autonomy is a must. Others are interested in the sense of belonging and being a part of something bigger. 

And well, as we have tried to demonstrate, employees at AdPushup often always get what they are looking for. 

But how is all this being achieved?! Of course, a great attitude on employees’ part plays a vital role, but the credit definitely goes to the management team.

Steps That Management Has Taken to Improve Work Culture

We went to Dr. Aditi Banerjee, Assistant Director, HR, to get a sense of steps that are constantly being taken to promote a healthy work environment at AdPushup: 

AdPushup is an employee-focused company and has taken up special measures to ensure a rewarding and thriving work environment (especially during the difficult pandemic times) such as: 

  • online fun activities
  • smooth online hiring 
  • training and policies 
  • psycho-social support 
  • flexibility to employees 
  • women’s safety measures
  • constant feedback mechanism 
  • buddy program for new joiners
  • counseling and mental health care
  • online intensive induction and onboarding
  • building a balanced work from home culture 
  • transparent and factual data-based evaluations
  • enrichment by learning and development policies
  • proactive HR communications – ‘Coffee break with HR.'” 

The idea is clear, continuous support in a multitude of areas is extended to employees here. 

In Closing

The Great Place to Work® organization recognizes companies based on Trust Index© and Culture Audit©, which considers employees’ relationship with the organization.

A company doesn’t just need to focus on business goals but also needs to set up an environment that brings the people together. This cannot be done without prioritizing the experiences and expectations of the people to encourage a healthy workplace. 

AdPushup prides itself on cultivating exactly such a culture. 

The Great Place to Work certification is very welcome news for us and provides an external validation of our culture where we value our people and culture above everything else.

Ankit Oberoi


Shubham is a digital marketer with rich experience working in the advertisement technology industry. He has vast experience in the programmatic industry, driving business strategy and scaling functions including but not limited to growth and marketing, Operations, process optimization, and Sales.

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