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Report: Programmatic Drives Spend on Audience Data, Eyeota Data Reveals

Audience data continues to experience an increase in demand and expenditure as more marketers and advertisers refine their strategies to take a people-first approach. To provide insights into audience data demand globally and across advertiser sectors, Eyeota released its H1 2017 Index Report.

The Index Report shows consistent audience data demand growth across different advertiser sectors, with Electronics & Computers, Finance and Automotive as the top advertiser sectors utilizing audience data. Other top sectors include Travel & Leisure, Retail, and Service & Industries.

Programmatic advertising has evolved over the past few years, with an emphasis on data-driven marketing strategies,” said Kevin Tan, CEO, Eyeota. “Further, personalization plays a larger role in driving the effectiveness of campaigns, forcing brands and publishers alike to employ audience targeting strategies. The Eyeota Index Report highlights audience data trends to provide them with the tools and resources they need to strengthen their campaigns and increase engagement.

Eyeota is the global leader in audience data with more than 3.5 billion unique profiles across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. Through the Index Report, Eyeota provides deep insights into how advertisers are using data and which audience segments work well for specific advertisers. Publishers can also gain a better understanding on the most in-demand audience data segments and the types of advertisers purchasing them.

Global Highlights

  • Electronics & Computers brands doubled their audience data spend, with 88% of their investment on B2B segments
  • Overall B2B audience data demand grew 2x YoY
  • 25% of total Retail demand came from Home & Garden brands
  • Travel & Leisure and CPG/FMCG sectors had high sector spend growth, growing 1.4x and 1.3x H1 YoY, respectively
  • Audience data for video campaigns realized a 1.4x growth in the first half of 2017

U.S. Highlights

  • Top three advertiser sectors spending on audience data: Electronics & Computers, Finance, Automotive
  • Q1 to Q2 2017 growth was driven by increasing spends from brands in Computers, Software, B2B Services & Industries, Financial Institutes
  • Travel & Leisure and Automotive brands had the highest demand for audience data for video advertising

Europe Highlights

  • Top countries spending on audience data: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Poland, Spain
  • Electronics & Computers and Services & Industries are the top advertising sectors spending on audience data, at 3.3x and 3.1x H1 YoY, respectively
  • Commercial and Luxury brands doubled their audience data spend

Asia Highlights

  • Top countries spending on audience data: Singapore, Japan, Indonesia
  • Audience data demand in Asia grew 2.3x H1 YoY
  • Japan was the fastest growing market for audience data in Asia at 5.5x H1 YoY

Oceania Highlights

  • Top purchased segments: Sociodemographic Profiles, General Interest (Education, Tech, Travel), In-market Purchase (Travel, Auto)
  • Large preference for Sociodemographic Profiles (22% of total demand)
  • Australia’s fastest growing advertising sectors by spend: Internet & Telecom, Pharma & Healthcare, Education, Hotels, Resorts & Casinos

Looking Ahead

Globally, CPG/FMCG, Retail, Electronics & Computers and Finance will remain key advertiser sectors, with expected growth in demand for B2B, Sociodemographic Profiles, Interest and Intent data segments. Joining the big league, Healthcare and Utilities & Business Services are expected to refine their targeting with data to reach specific Sociodemographic Profiles and relevant Product Owners, respectively.

B2B audience data demand will remain strong. Enterprise decision makers and IT professionals will continue to capture significant Electronics & Computers B2B demand. Data-driven account based marketing initiatives by Electronics & Computers will surge in the next year as brands increasingly seek data for strategic B2B targeting.

Demand for audience data on mobile and video will continue to rise as consumers remain always-connected on mobile to consume media and video content; particularly, demand is expected to grow from Travel & Leisure, CPG/FMCG, and Electronics & Computers brands.


The Eyeota H1 2017 Index Report includes internal data reflecting the audience data expenditure of over 2,400 brands for more than 11,000 campaigns in 60+ countries. The Eyeota proprietary indices track how much brands are investing in audience data, expenditure growth and preference for different types of audience profiles.

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