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AMP Ads, CTV, & Cookieless Solutions For Improved Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a continually evolving and changing technology, and new trends are constantly emerging. Anchor Ads and Connected TV are new, hyper-relevant targeting methods set to give advertisers and publishers a new way to find customers and boost revenue.

For example, AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, without AMP, mobile users can expect pages to load slower, and this isn’t sustainable for users or publishers.

According to the last update on April 2022, if you’re using Auto ads for AMP, anchor ads will start to appear on your sites. The change will apply to all sites that have Auto ads for AMP enabled in your AdSense account.

Anchor ads stick to the edge of the user’s screen and are easily dismissible. These ads mainly serve on mobile but can appear on desktop too. They appear at the top of the user’s screen unless we determine that this would negatively affect the user experience, in which case we show them at the bottom. 

When shown at the top, anchor ads only appear after the user has scrolled down far enough, so that they never cover your site’s branding or navigation. If you don’t want to show anchor ads you can turn this option off

What is the Significance of Using AMP Ads & Connected TV?

  • Higher viewability and also higher click-through rates.
  • AMP ads load faster because the ads have reduced file size and are requested earlier in the page-rendering process.
  • They provide a better webpage index which is a ranking factor in Google’s mobile and desktop indexes.

The use of Connected TV or CTV ads are rising in popularity. During 2020-2021, CTV ad spending increased by 40.6% to 59.9%. According to eMarketer, the CTV trend will continue to rise and nearly hit $30 billion by 2024.

That said, there are several factors that advertisers need to consider. With CTV programmatic advertising, advertisers have access to multiple devices, streaming services, consoles, smart devices, and other platforms.

More importantly, each of these has its own requirements and capabilities, so advertisers need to consider their options extremely carefully to take advantage of Connected TV and its advertising potential.

Cookieless Solutions for User Data Privacy

Protection of user data and the emphasis on user privacy has been a growing trend over the last few years. Consequently, many platforms are changing how users are targeted to protect their ad privacy. Even search giant, Google, is planning to phase out third-party cookies. However, as Google has delayed the phasing out of third-party cookies to 2023, they’re still a key component in many programmatic advertising strategies.

  • 87% of users want advertisers to ensure their ads don’t appear on inappropriate, offensive, violent, or similar content.
  • 66% feel that it’s the advertiser’s responsibility to ensure their ads don’t appear on such sites or content. Another 59% and 42% attribute the responsibility to the ad tech provider and website owner, respectively.

That said, it’s clear that cookies will eventually be gone for good. Advertisers and publishers should embrace alternative targeting solutions to protect their traffic and revenue. Several new technologies are under development as platforms, ad providers, and search engines look for new ways to show users relevant ads.

In short, users demand that everyone in the programmatic advertising ecosystem needs to be held accountable. Publishers and advertisers must prioritize the safety of their users, vetting ads, sites, and content to ensure ads reach the correct audience without offending the people or negatively affecting a brand’s reputation.

Publishers and advertisers need to work with reputable providers who thoroughly vet both the sites of their publishers and the ads of their partners.


Now is a critical time for advertisers and publishers to take action and adapt their programmatic advertising strategies. It’s vital to consider existing and future trends to craft a compelling strategy. More importantly, working with a capable, experienced, and future-ready ad tech services provider and partner can make a significant difference, allowing you to unlock hidden opportunities and boost your revenue.


Use of AMP Ads in 2022?

According to the stats, AMP still accounts for 70% of the ad content in the U.S. and U.K. as of February 22, 2022. This clarifies that AMP is still there in 2022.

How Connected TV Advertising works?

Connected TV Advertising allows companies to reach & target their audience on smart TVs and OTT devices. 

What is a Cookieless Future?

The cookieless future is about shifting the digital landscape to the following:
Collect First-Party Data.
Value To Remain Relevant.

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