Zelto hosts it’s Fourth Publisher Meet-Up in Bangalore. Take a sneak-peak into what happened during the meeting.

Zelto (AdPushup), a global market leader in the ad tech industry hosted their fourth Publisher meetup in Bangalore.

This meetup series is aimed at building a community of leaders at the forefront of the supply side of the programmatic advertising industry.

This fourth in-person event of the year followed by the success of Dubai, France & Delhi Chapter, brought together over 20 programmatic leaders from India – Prabhatkhabar, IndianForums, Dailyhunt, Pinkvilla, Inc Nut Digital, Lokmat, Freshersnow to name a few.

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Sharing his experience of the event, Bazam Jasim, Head of Business and Operations, Meaww said:

“The event served as a great platform to interact & network with fellow industry experts in the country. It was an insightful evening, and it gave us an opportunity to discuss challenges, opportunities, and achievements across the publisher’s community.”

Bazam Jasim, Head of Business and Operations at Meaww

Speaking about this community building initiative, CEO & Founder of Zelto – Ankit Oberoi, said:

“This is the fourth successful event we have hosted this year. We have been able to connect with the leaders from the publishing community and gained deeper insights into the challenges and opportunities in the programmatic ecosystem.”

Ankit Oberoi, CEO & Founder of Zelto

This meetup served as a platform for an interesting discussion on “Price, People, Programmatic”.

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The session addressed several intricate factors affecting the ad tech industry including Recession and its ripple effects, blistering job market and the current hiring state of the industry as well as optimizing the strategies to generate more ad revenue.

“Price, Programmatic and People covered a lot of dimensions from the ecosystem and the industry during the great resignation to lay offs and now the drop in ad spend as the recession looms large, it was great to speak with the leaders in community about how in the long run this phase would contribute to the innovation and growth of the industry,”

Ankit Oberoi, CEO & Founder of Zelto

Talking about the current scenario of the Programmatic Industry, CEO of JournalDev IT Services, Pankaj Kumar said:

“In my experience, I have been running these Ads for the past 7-8 years and it is true that the eCPMs of certain organizations have taken a hit, but I still believe this is a more stable situation in comparison to the COVID times. While the boom after COVID was immense, I believe the eCPM rates are now coming back to a more generalized state.”

Pankaj Kumar, CEO of JournalDev IT Services

The session discussed a wide range of topics including how the falling eCPM rates are affecting the industry and the ways we can tackle it, companies working on distributed team model and still able to generate high revenue. Publishers also discussed the cookieless world and the testing of FLEDGE API picking up pace.

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With these meetups, Zelto is working towards building a community of leaders to efficiently come up with solutions to a wide range of challenges across the programmatic advertising industry.

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