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Top 10 Best Gaming Ad Networks [2022]

The main purpose of the gaming ad networks is to find ad spaces on the publishers’ sites or apps for advertisers or app/game developers. For most advertisers, mobile apps are the leading destination to display their ads on. They look for the best gaming ad networks for the same. 

What are Gaming Ad Networks?

Gaming ad networks sell space on the publishers’ gaming sites or gaming apps. Their target is to gain more users for their ad network and the advertisers by conducting research based on the demographics, interests, and genres of the gamers.

What are the most important features of Gaming Ad Networks?

Advertisers should like to know on the basis of which features they can choose a gaming ad network. Some of the important features are: 

  1. The intent of the ad network; are they aware of the brand, genre? Do they know the right technique(s) to promote the gaming app through advertising?
  2. Quality of the ad content; whether the ad networks have adequate ad inventory, the content is presented in an appealing way. 
  3. Engagement rate on the publishers’ site or app
  4. Strategies for targeting the right users/ gamers. 

Types of ad formats that gaming ad networks use: 

Ad formats are an important decision to make. How the ad shall appear on the publishers’ app or site, where it shall be located, are all important details to take care of while choosing the most accurate ad format.

This will allow the ads to stand out on the screen with eye-catching visuals and appealing to the users. Take a look at the common ad formats on gaming apps or sites: 

Interstitial Ads: 

Interstitial ads are the ads that cover the entire screen of the user’s device grabbing the user’s attention immediately. They are either in the banner or video formats. They are often placed between the natural transition within the game like the next level. 

Mobile Native Ads

Native ads have the look and content that feels organic on the screen, more like a part of the app’s content. They are used for both desktop and mobile advertising. A well-planned native ads can prove to be informative and encourage clicks. The best part about these ads are that they are non-intrusive and do not interfere with the user experience. 

Rich Media Ads

RIch media ads are highly responsive ads. For example, an ad may open up upon scrolling down or sliding. These ads are video, audio, or image ads with the content that encourages users to interact. 

Offerwall Ads:

Offerwall ads, as the name suggests, offer the user a premium range of offers- like coins, equipment, personnel, etc. in turn of completing a task within the app. The task could be about registering yourself with a new app or site, providing an email address, or playing the playable ad. 

Besides these ads, the most commonly used ads are banner ads and video ads. Ad networks place these ads in a way that are not intrusive and don’t interrupt the user’s experience. Rather, they should be the ones to blend in with the content of the app or responsive to the user’s interaction. There can be playable video ads within an app. 

Which are The Best Gaming Ad Networks [2022]?

1.  Google Ads as a Gaming Ad Network

Google Ads is the ad network that has been ranked No. 1 in retaining users in Android.  

With Google’s App Campaigns, your game may appear across all the Google assets- Google Play, YouTube, Google Search, AdMob, etc. In Google Ads, you target users based on the criteria of location, language, interests, mobile platform, OS, etc. 

Google Ads supports almost all the ad formats, namely, Banners, in-app, and video ad formats. Their payment models include- CPI, CPM, and CPC.

2.  AdColony:

Known for its exclusive Instant Play™ Video ads, Aurora™ Interactive Video ads, and playable video ads, AdColony is one of the largest mobile gaming ad networks. AdColony automatically optimizes the ad campaigns and brings in best ad returns for the advertisers. 

AdColony supports:

  1. Mobile Platforms: iOS and Android 
  2. Pricing Model: CPM
  3. Ad formats: Rich Media, Playable video ads
  4. Targeting Criteria: Demographics 

3.  AdAction as a Gaming Ad Network: 

AdAction is also one of the leading gaming ad networks that delivers high quality ad inventory based on real-time data. AdAction is known for optimised acquisition ad campaigns, and generates maximum engagement. 

AdAction supports: 

  1. Ad Formats: Interstitial ads, Offerwalls 
  2. Pricing Models: CPI, CPC, CPE, CPA
  3. Ad Services: Mobile Gaming Ad Network, Ad Platform

4.  AdsCompass

A global ad network offering cooperation for publishers, advertisers, media buyers, and other ad networks, AdsCompass provides its partners multiple options to choose from. 

They work with most popular ad types like Push ads, Native ads, In-app ads, and Pop-up ads. 

AdsCompass offers to the advertisers:

  1. Great number of publishers 
  2. Accurate targeting 
  3. High-quality traffic 
  4. High quality ad inventory 

5.  StartApp

StartApp connects the game developers with advertisers who provide interactive ads. It allows you to browse through unlimited audiences and segments globally. 

SmartApp supports: 

  1. Ad formats: Interstitial ads, native ads, app walls, video ads
  2. Campaign type: CPM 

6.  InMobi as a Gaming Ad Network: 

InMobi helps advertisers connect with customers by capturing real-time, authentic behaviour. InMobi Pulse measures and improves marketing ROI by understanding media campaigns both online and offline.

InMobi provides you with the most complete programmatic buying platform and encourages users to install and engage with the apps. 

7.  Vungle

With its data-optimised ads running on over 1 billion devices, Vungle is one of the most trusted gaming ad networks for game developers. They partner with Vungle for maximum reach, engagement, and acquisition globally. 

Vungle supports: 

  1. iOS and Android mobile platform 
  2. Video ad format
  3. CPC as its pricing model 

8.  Mintegral:

Powered by AI technology, Mintegral offers user acquisition and monetisation solutions to brands globally. Its services include marketing services from supply side to demand side, DSP, and SSP. 

Mintegral builds interactive and creative video ads to drive user engagement and encourage app instals. They have a particular expertise in the Match-3/ puzzle genre of gaming apps. 

9.  ChartBoost:

ChartBoost has over 900 million monthly active users and over 200 billion monthly ad requests, making it one of the most trusted gaming ad networks. ChartBoost automatically optimises the advertisers’ ad inventory and gets the best possible returns on ad impressions. 

ChartBoost’s ad campaigns are on CPI and CPM models. Their targeting is based on the data of location, demographics, mobile devices, mobile platforms, users’ interests, etc. 

10.  TapJoy as a Gaming Ad Network: 

TapJoy works with advertisers to help them reach the most ideal audience and offer publishers with user acquisition and monetising solutions for their apps. 

TapJoy works best with the rewarded video ads and offerwalls. It has over 1.5 billion monthly active users and has 50k plus SDK embedded in mobile apps. 

Final Words 

While mobile gaming is rapidly evolving and you can get the most of your game by choosing the best gaming ad network out there, it’s best to know what works best for your gaming app. 

With AdPushup, you can optimise your ads on your gaming apps and reach maximum users for better engagement and acquisition. 

Some of the best gaming networks are Unity Ads, Digital Turbine, AppLovin, etc. 


Which are the highest paying mobile ad networks?

Apart from the ones mentioned above,some of the highest paying mobile ad networks are GreedyGame, Appy Jump, Media.Net, Flurry, Millennial Media, and LeadBolt, etc. As mobile gaming apps keep on evolving, ad networks strive to make advertising on the mobile platforms best for user experience.

Which Ad network is best for gaming?

For Android devices, the best and top 10 gaming ad networks are- Google Ads, Unity Ads, SnapChat, Facebook, ironSource, AppLovin, MOLOCO, Xiaomi, SHAREit, and MistPlay. 

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