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There are lots of good choices for video ad networks – it’s just a matter of choosing the best one for your audience and platform needs. This article is going to help you with the most popular ad networks for video advertising.

As we move further ahead in the digital revolution, the population’s interests and, along with it, the market behaviour keep evolving.

It has been viewed that the average social media user is bound to spend a hundred minutes daily watching videos. And accordingly, 93% of the brands who keep trying to grasp the attention of the audience and have social media profiles have seen an increment in their profits as they adapted to video ads.

Video advertisements are the present and the future, and the video advertising space is only bound to get better from here on. Many brands are already in on the trend, with video advertising accounting for 35% of the net advertising cost online. So, publishers, get your gear on and try out the top video ad formats from the top effective networks out there. 

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Key Points

  • What is a Video Ad Network, and Why do You Need One
  • Benefits of Video Advertising
  • Best Formats to Opt for in Video Advertising
  • Top Video Ad Networks for Publishers in 2022

What is a Video Ad Network? How Can They Help Publishers Online?

A Video Ad network is an intermediary platform that connects the publisher and the advertiser and, on many occasions, a large number of consumers. Depending upon the network you choose as a publisher, the more effective your advertiser’s campaign is and the more your transactions amount to.

Video Ad networks, apart from connecting you to your buyers and helping with your transactions from the advertising, can also additionally help you with the tools necessary to run, develop and report your video ads.

Benefits of Video Advertising for Publishers

Video Advertising in 2022 is not simply better but essential if a brand wants to keep its public image alive and thriving. But here’s how video advertising and signing up to an ad network can be helpful to publishers:

  • Your crowd is much more bound to be attracted by online videos than other ad formats, as the trend ensures. 
  • The top brands report that in sales and consumer conversions, it is video ad campaigns that turn out to be more victorious.
  • Engaging video ads are usually shared among users, increasing awareness of your platform and also adding to the efficacy of the campaign.
  • Video ads are a quick and effective platform to help publishers bring their brands and platforms to life and account for their success.
  • Video ads also boost visibility within search engines, getting your traction flowing.

Best Video Ad Formats to Try Out for Publishers

As a publisher, you might be familiarised with the plethora of ad formats out there- interstitial, expandable, standard banner ads, playable, native, video ads, etc. Although all of these types have their fair share of pros and cons, most brands would account for video ads to their advertising success, as the statistics above would convince.

However, even within video advertising, there are a number of formats that you can play with.

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Rewarded Video Ad Format

Image Source: Forbes

Usually, while playing mobile games or across other platforms, you may have come across these ads, which allow you a reward upon playing them. These incentivise the process adding to better engagement and completion rates.

Skippable and Non-Skippable Ad Formats

Skippable in-stream videos are usually the ones that allow the audience an option to skip the ad a few seconds into the ad. Thus without being intrusive, the audience interacts with the ads as they please. Non-skippable are comparatively shorter( usually less than 15 seconds) as they don’t provide an option to skip for the audience.

Playable Ads

These are engaging video ads that usually result in a high number of conversions, as they allow users to interact firsthand and, say, play the game or try out the features of the advertised app before they install it. 

Pre-Roll Video Bumper Ads

To entrap an audience that is notorious for their smaller attention spans, you can try bumper ads which usually play before a video and are 6-second videos, and are non-skippable. 

So there, you have some of the top effective ad formats for video advertising. Now let’s take a look at the networks which are the best in-game and best suited to a publisher’s interests. 

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7 Best Ad Networks with the Best Video Advertising Formats

We have compiled a list of the best video ad networks that publishers can check and choose according to their preferences.

Google ADX

 With Google ADX, you get access to one of the largest video ad inventories and ad exchanges globally. This network allows you to earn comparatively high CPMs, through high-quality videos and a wide assortment of publisher solutions. But to attain access to a crowd and tools that are top of the cream, the entry criteria are also hard to beat, as only eminent publishers are allowed.


 This platform has been in the game for more than a decade and was the first-ever video ad platform. SpotX hosts a large family of over thousands of publishers and allows over a billion ads a month. With SpotX, you have access to plenty of variable ad formats and, with it, peak benefits such as bid-activity reporting, price floor optimization, and more.


Primis may not be your regular video ad network, but it is best aligned to the publisher’s goals, whose ultimate target is access to higher yields. Apart from being a greatly effective video-exploration and engagement augmenting system, Primis strategizes the regular publisher to post relative ad content upon studying the user history. The ad inventory is greatly diverse and is inclusive of over 30 industries. 

Select Media

Another premium ad network, Select Media, is a great choice for the publisher looking to monetize mobile advertising and video ads. It offers a variety of ad formats for the publisher – overlay, bottom sticky, in-content, and more. Apart from its unique and premium inventory, Select Media also contains a rich assortment of out-stream video technology, welcoming the top publishers from Asia. 


SpringServe is an ad exchange that spreads its services across all channels, CTV, desktop, or mobile. Popular for being one of the most eminent CTV advertising brands, this network offers publishers access to a range of premium features, including GDPR compliance macros and video header heading.

Chocolate Platform

The Chocolate Platform is a platform ideal for anyone and everyone. Well known for its non-intrusive video ad formats, the Chocolate platform is ideally used by publishers for mobile advertising. The entry criteria for publishers aren’t too extreme and can be a rewarding experience. In a month, the Chocolate Platform accounts for over 20 billion impressions. 

Verizon Media

Even people out of the advertising industry are familiar with this name. Verizon media, too, is a multi-channel platform for video ads with a wide plethora of unique ad inventory with a rich collection of formats available.  

Summing Up

As a publisher with high revenue goals, it is necessary to adapt to the popular advertising industry demands. And video ads for publishers are a great way to strategize your monetization. Although a large number of options online might be overwhelming, you can A/B test several formats and networks to assess the best suitable option for you.


What are some of the most popular Video Ad Formats in 2022?

The popular video ad formats in 2022 are Outstream, Bumper Pre-Rolled Ads, Rewarded, CTV-compatible video ads, and social media ads. 

What are the Top Ad Exchanges Used by Publishers?

The top ad exchanges preferred by publishers are – Google ADX, SpotX, SpringeServe, Select Media, Verizon Media, Unruly, Primis, and Propeller Ads. 

What are Some of the best Ad Formats?

Some of the common ad formats available are – Interstitial, Standard Banner, Playable, Social media ads, Google Display ads, and more. 

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