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Better Monetisation with Header Bidding

Increase ad revenue by simultaneously collecting multiple bids from a variety of demand sources each time a new impression is available

Ad Tech & Ad Ops

Effective Ad Tech Optimization: An Ad Tech Course for Publishers

Elevate your ad tech game and increase your revenue with the course specifically designed for publishers and ad ops professionals. Learn everything you need to know to get ahead in the industry

There is no limit to how fast advertising technology has evolved over the last few decades. 

We live in an era where we are inundated with new programmatic platforms daily. The ad tech already in place launch upgrade after upgrade to keep up with the latest trends. In this never-ending process, how will you be able to keep pace with the machines? 

With the intent of building upon the existing knowledge prevailing among the publishers, AdPushup is glad to introduce their latest course- ‘Effective Ad Tech Optimization for Publishers.’ 

The course is designed from the perspective of publishers who know what is ad tech, have a basic understanding of programmatic advertising, and want to upscale their business and generate more ad revenue. 

Whether talking about how they can earn more from advertisers using Header Bidding to what security checks they should take to avoid ad fraud, all the topics discussed in the AdTech course can directly impact can enhance publishers’ revenue in some way. 

Have a glimpse of some of the topics we will be covering in the course. 

Backfill GAM

Google describes Backfill as ‘Inventory that has not been pre-sold or reserved.’ But it’s much more than that. Creating a Backfill setup in Google Ad Manager can maximize your fill rate and revenue in the programmatic ecosystem, where every impression counts. You can also check out the Backfill GAM module for free on our Youtube channel. 

Price Floors and UPR

Publishers now price their impressions and use price floors differently due to Google’s transition to the unified first-price auction. With Unified Pricing Rules, understand how to centralize management of target CPM or floor prices across all your programmatic demands and set up different rules to ensure revenue. 

Demand Path Optimization

Publishers have been seeking to optimize their complex ad tech supply chain to get more ad revenue flowing through programmatic channels. Achieving this feat requires the ad creative to go through various intermediaries, from DSPs & SSPs to Exchanges.

Cutting out the inefficiencies of intermediaries in the murky programmatic chain, Demand Path Optimization helps create the most efficient path to get the most advertisers’ dollars into publishers’ pockets.

Importance of Video Formats

Whichever website or social media platform you visit, videos will inevitably meet you there. Within the past decade, their popularity has only grown, showing no sign of declining. What steps can publishers take to incorporate different video formats on their sites? 

How to keep the brand safe?

Ad fraud costs advertisers billions of dollars yearly, but it can be even more devastating to publishers and content creators by undermining the economy that funds them. The impact of ad fraud on publishers is much greater since their business relies on advertisers’ trust. Learn how to ensure your brand is managed safely amidst this global issue. 

Whether you are a publisher who is looking to spark an impact on your ad revenue, or an ad ops professional aiming to become an expert in the programmatic landscape, this ad tech course is for you!

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