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All about AdPushup’s AMP Component – AMPlify

AdPushup has launched a new AMP component: AMPlify!

In December 2020, AdPushup became an AMP-approved RTC (real-time config) vendor. This approval allowed us to help our publishers maximize their ad revenue on AMP pages. 

We started noticing that AMP and AMP ads are readily available for publishers, but the optimization required to grow ad revenue was missing.

This is exactly what AMPlify aims to do.

Building on our affiliation with the AMP project, AdPushup recently launched a new AMP component: AMPlify. For this blog, we consulted Akshay Varma, Director of Product Management at AdPushup.

Let’s dive straight into it, then. 

About AMPlify

AMPlify, a state-of-the-art AMP component, aims to help publishers earn 30%-100% more revenue than their current AMP revenue. This is essentially done by allowing publishers to leverage proven revenue optimization methods like client side Header Bidding and Ad Refresh even on their AMP inventory.

Additionally, with AMPlify, page speed is never compromised – so publishers don’t lose out on page experience either. 

AdPushup’s AMP component is the only product in the market right now that provides dual GAM support. With AMPlify’s plug-and-play refresh, publishers can use their GAM for the first impression, and AdPushup’s GAM for the refreshed impressions.

The existing AMP components offer very basic functionality. With Amplify, our publishers have seen a revenue uplift of up to 50%. This has been aided by the capability to implement video ads, Ad Refresh and even hybrid header bidding which is not available out of the box in Google’s amp-ad component, and a nightmare to implement on your own.

Akshay Varma, Director of Product Management

AMPlify vs. Existing AMP Solutions

ParametersAMPlifyOther AMP Solutions
Supports Client-side header bidding
Active View Refresh Support
Dual Ad Manager Support
Unified Reporting
Automatic background updates

Benefits of AMPlify

  • 30%-100% Revenue Increase: After rolling this out for our publisher partners, we noticed tremendous revenue growth. After the official launch, a 30-100% increase was seen. 
  • Client-side Header Bidding: More control over buyers, increased transparency, and higher fill rates. 

With AMPlify, the bid request goes directly to the demand partner, rather than going through the ad server, as is the case with existing AMP components. Publishers can send out multiple bid requests simultaneously, similar to how the client-side bidding process works on a non-AMP inventory, with our AMP component.

Akshay Varma, Director of Product Management
  • Active view Ad Refresh: Users have a way to implement ad refresh on AMP without compromising with Adsense policies.
  • Balance between Revenue and Page Experience: We pay special attention to Core Web Vitals and user experience. Hence, AMPlify is designed in a way never to compromise UX with single request auctions.
  • We Take Care of Everything Technical: We do all the heavy lifting: running auctions, seeing what works and what doesn’t, and providing you with detailed reports.
  • Dedicated Account Management: A dedicated account manager will be assigned to you right from the beginning to provide you with complete technical support.
  • Google-certified Support: AdPushup is a Google-certified Publishing Partner, which means we are approved by Google to support you with our issues 24*7.

Key Features of AMPlify

There’s a lot more to AMPlify than meets the eye. Here are some features that might pique your interest:

  1. Plug-and-play Refresh:

    No additional coding is required with AMPlify. We follow a plug-and-play approach to make sure publishers don’t encounter any technical challenges.

  2. EBDA and AdX support:

    If publishers don’t have access to EBDA, we provide it and run it alongside client-side header bidding. In other words, the ad inventory competition happens both at the client side and at the server side.

  3. Multi-size Ads Support:

    We support all device sizes and believe ads will only get monetized if they’re responsive

  4. Unified Reporting:

    We reduce reporting complexity by unifying all three reports: client-side HB, EBDA, and AdX in one place.

  5. Sticky Ads Support

    sticky ads are significant for mobile as user engagement is very brief and it all comes down to making the most of it. Our AMP component has built-in sticky ad units support and we take care of everything technical for you.

How to Get Started with AMPlify

First, you need to sign-up with us.

Then all you have to do is place the AdPushup’s tags on your page, and your dedicated account manager will deal with everything else.

In Closing

To sum up, AMPlify gives you a revenue increase between 30%-100% on AMP pages. We believe our AMP component is one of the finest solutions in the market for web publishers. 

We essentially have an automated AMP solution for publishers that will give them the opportunity to earn more revenue while ensuring that page experience remains intact. With Core Web Vitals coming into play, page experience is something that publishers can’t afford to mess with. Therefore, it is important that any products or solutions that they are leveraging for revenue optimization don’t mess with user experience

AMPlify is exactly the kind of solution that you need at your disposal, as it’ll make sure the value of your inventory and page doesn’t drop in any case.

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Delay in receiving
Ad revenue payments from your current partner?

Timely payment cycle, better control
over ad inventory, and access to premium demand partners

-Adpushup offers it all.

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