Case Study: How AdPushup Raised RentLingo’s Page CTR by 115%

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RentLingo is an apartment search site that provides its users with premium content on property listings and reviews. What differentiates them from market competitors is their proprietary ‘Noise Index’ and ‘Charm Index’ which show both how noisy and desirable a location is.

We hadn’t considered display ad optimization before coming across AdPushup. The concept made a lot of sense and we felt their expertise could help us get more value from our existing traffic.

— Dan Laufer, CEO, RentLingo

Site Specs

Industry: Housing
Average pageviews per month: 1m+
Alexa World Rank: 184,775
In business since: 2013

The Result

Our revenue optimization platform helped RentLingo increase their AdSense Page CTR by 115% and AdSense Page RPM by 64% within a week. For more information about the technology and the implementation, you can view the complete RentLingo case study here.