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What are Playable ads?

Playable ads are the revolutionary ad formats that have taken the gaming world by storm. They are light, eye-catching and engaging with high conversion rates. Learn how they can boost your ad revenue.

“Try before you buy.”

With the emerging trends of judging the product by its cover, playable ads have come to fire as game changers!

Although an average person is being exposed to thousands of ads per day, these creative playable ads (specially crafted to facilitate the gaming industry) catch the attention within an attention-grabbing grabbing ads blend interactivity with gamification in in-app format, making them top-notch weapons in any publisher’s or developer’s ad inventory.

Having said all that, let’s first understand what Playable ads are:

One of the most indispensable tools for any game app or website, playable ads are the mini-games that use interactivity to get an in-app advertising experience. They appear as interstitial ads on popular social media sites or platforms and websites.

Covering a single premium ad unit, these playable ads are snippets of the entire game, bifurcated into three stages:

  • A brief demonstration of key controls of the game:

Also termed The Hook, this is the first screen of the playable ad, providing the user with insight and key controls through a brief tutorial. It is simple but catchy, accompanied by some musical tune to hook the users.

  • Followed by micro gameplay:

This marks the main element of the ad that encourages the users to interact with the game or app. With the information provided in the previous stage, the user is now equipped with the know-how of the game. 

This ad stage is where the full content lies, and user interaction is recorded for further analysis.

  • Finally, Call to Action to install or purchase the game:

The playable ad’s end card is undoubtedly the most important as it persuades users to act by either downloading the application or installing it. It automatically takes the user to the play store and is often reinforced with rewards for taking action.

The prime motive of playable ads is user acquisition, creating trust via opted-in experience. Not only do these ads drive traffic to the site or game, but they also pave the way toward every developer’s ultimate goal : 

Monetisation of games or websites.

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An insight into why playable ads matter in 2022

Undeniably, COVID 19 gave way to multiple digital start-ups, with a conspicuous proliferation of gaming applications. However, the marketing strategists have struggled to promote their app or game along with coping with changing demands of users.

To combat that, playable ads present the fastest, most creative, most prolific and optimised way of promoting the game. To strengthen further the significance of playable ads, below are the ample reasons for using them in 2022:

1. Massive reach = maximum user engagement

Since playable ads appear as interstitial ads, these are quick to grab attention and lire users to submit to its content. Eventually, it leads to high visibility and thus maximising users’ engagement with the app. 

One leading example can be the non-gaming website of Burger King’s 2015 experiment “Angriest Whopper Game,” which led to 336,700 plays, supported with interaction reward of coupons in merely 14 days. With the feature of engaging the user through a reward interaction reward strategy, revenue generation is an assured result. 

2. User Acquisition in playable ads:

Every site or game has an ulterior motive to enhance as many organic users as possible. And in 2022, it is getting increasingly difficult to secure organic users due to non-organic installs. Playable ads have low-stakes interaction that has the power to have a high user acquisition rate.

3. Quick attention grabbers:

The plight of 21st-century people is the lack of attention, barring their apps from getting noticed. However, playable ads hook attention and create a lasting impression. Instead of mundane static ads, playable ads with interactive features engage users right away! Besides, playable ads are moments of delight.

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4. Rich-media elements in playable ads:

Every developer wishes to have a deeper connection with the user! Playable ads have compelling graphics and rich video, felicitated with rewards and coupons for interacting. This provides the opportunity for developers to have better connections with users.

Their interactions can be individually analysed to optimise ads further and eventually create high-ranking apps. One another reason to incorporate playable ads on the websites!

5. A great way to highlight app or game features:

Highlighting the features is essential to convince users to install or engage with your app or game. For example, playable ads with their ” try before you buy” strategy provide the game’s taste before calling for action.

Since these ads are rich in media content, the salient features of the game can easily be showcased, with the result being more revenue, more engagement and higher viability, which is the perfect solution for the promotion of apps for developers in 2022. 

6. High CTAs for playable ads:

Who doesn’t want any action?

The websites and games thrive on Action. Playable ads are fashioned in a way that keeps users on the lookout for the next step!

After mini gameplay, it immediately takes the user to the store for quick installation or, in other words – quick action is taken. Eventually, CTA increases, the app ranking increases, and revenue is generated. 

7. Non-intrusive feature in playable ads

Playable ads are non-intrusive as compared to other ad formats with obnoxious tones. The playable ads only display content only when engaged. 


Playable ads are the revolutionary ad formats that have taken the gaming world by storm. It is also to be noted that these dazzling, creative, easy-to-understand ads are not just confined to the gaming world but also sprawling across non-gaming websites.

They are light, eye-catching and engaging with high conversion rates. Although the initial cost of incorporating these ads can be high, greater returns are assured.  


You don’t require extensive knowledge to optimise playable ads. However, tie-up with the ad companies such as Adpushup can help implement lightweight playable ads. That will further help integrate ads with the game, boosting website revenue. 

How to make playable ads?

A piece of extensive knowledge is not the requirement to design playable ads. However, tie-up with the ad companies such as Adpushup can help craft lightweight playable ads. That will further help integrate ads with the game, boosting game revenue. 

  • What things to consider before creating playable ads?
  • Playable ads enhance user experience, and interaction is for the user’s pleasure. So few things are to be kept in mind before designing these ads:
    1. Keep it simple. Too many flashy graphics will prevent the user from taking action. 
    Automatically understanding the gameplay via playable ads is another feature developers need to work on.
    2. Know thy audience! Playable ads can be optimised per the audience demographics, providing a seamless experience.
    3. Short, sweet and precise is the key to all playable ads as the ultimate motive of playable ads should be enjoyable to the user.

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