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Top 15 Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) For Publishers in 2023

Find the 15 best Supply-Side Platforms for publishers in 2023. These platforms are the best to monetise your digital advertising.

During a survey carried out in the second half of 2021 among U.S. publishers, it was found that they used, on average, 5.4 supply-side platforms (SSPs). The number has been decreasing. However, the source projected that it would go back up to 5.8 platforms in 2022.

A supply-side platform or sell-side platform (SSP) is a technology platform to enable web publishers and media owners to manage their advertising space inventory, fill it with ads, and receive revenue. 

Supply-Side platforms (SSPs) allow publishers to make money from their websites by creating and selling ad inventory to marketers on an impression-by-impression or visitor-by-visitor basis. By selling ads in real-time, publishers can provide advertisers with better visibility into individual impressions and gain instant clarity into advertising demand.

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Best Supply Side Platforms (SSP) For Publishers in 2023

However, there are many Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs) to choose from, so picking the right one can be tricky. We have analyzed 15 of the best ones to help you make an informed decision. 

1) Setupad – Best Supply Side Platform to Monetize Your Ads

  • Partnered with 16 industry-leading SSPs
  • Easy to implement
  • Always up to date with industry standards
  • 40-300% revenue increase

A widely known solution, Setupad is already implemented by various publishers all over the world and is one of the most preferred supply-side platforms.

They connect the website’s advertising space to the top SSPs (Supply Side Platforms) in a Header Bidding auction, which allows more buyers to participate and CPM prices to increase and helps monetize cross-border traffic and to help publishers gain incremental revenues ranging from 40% to 300%. 

Not just that, they do all the required yield optimization to allow publishers to get back to their true calling – quality content creation.

2) PubMatic Supply-Side Platform To Maximize Your ROI

  • Optimize Access
  • Improve Monetization
  • Drive Operational Efficiency

Independent publishers can use the PubMatic platform to take control of and grow their digital advertising businesses. It allows marketers to increase return on investment by reaching and engaging their target audiences in brand-safe, premium environments across a variety of ad formats and platforms.

3) ReklamStore SSP to Bring Buyers and Sellers Together

  • Earn competitive eCPM rates
  • Start generating revenue right away
  • Dozens of different DSPs, ad exchanges, and direct buyers

It is one of the best supply-side platforms for small and medium-sized publishers. With efficient advertising optimizations and ad placements, you will increase your eCPM and have a high fill rate all the time. Using proprietary algorithms, ReklamStore SSP shows relevant ads to your users by analyzing your website.

 Dozens of different demand-side platforms, ad exchanges, and direct buyers are integrated into ReklamStore SSP’s network with header bidding technology.

4) Magnite (Rubicon) – The Largest Independent Supply Side Platform

  • Campaign Management
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Ad Inventory Management
  • Video Ad Serving

Magnite came into existence after the merger of Rubicon Project and Telaria in 2020, a deal the two said would create the world’s largest independent SSP. It is the best Supply Side Platform that has pioneered technology companies automating the buying and selling of advertising.

They have created one of the largest real-time cloud and Big Data computing systems, processing trillions of transactions within milliseconds each month. The platform provides publishers with its Private Marketplace (PMP), Programmatic Guaranteed (PG) and Auction Package capabilities to increase control over the sale of ad inventory.

5) Sovrn – Most Reliable Supply Side Platform for Ad Publishers

  • Simplify the workflow
  • Unlock more revenue
  • Complete set of data and monetization tools

Sovrn serves publishers looking to improve programmatic revenue and optimized ad monetization. The platform offers monetization solutions and perks like audience insights while simplifying tasks like installation and management, among many others, through a feature known as OneTag. 

Being a publisher in today’s rapidly evolving market means you have to be ready to make compromises and test new things all the time. It also means you should diversify your revenue options. Using more of these Supply-Side Platforms SSPs together will give you the best odds of expanding and evolving your business.

6) Index Exchange – To Maximize the Value of your Ads

  • Cross-Channel Monetization
  • Addressability solutions to a safe and tailored consumer experience 
  • Maximize yield by increasing competition for your inventory

Index exchange offers its SSP services to publishers. The platform gives them the ability to automate the ad review process based on their requirements. Know specific industry types, content types, and creative types that should or shouldn’t be included in the content.

Index Exchange is a Supply Side Platform (SSP) that leverages programmatic advertising so that publishers can tailor ads to a consumer’s preferences, delivering ads that are meaningful to the consumer. IX also offers server-side integrations with specific partners for select publishers on user segmentation and audience targeting.

7) Sharethrough Omnichannel Supply Side Platform

  • Scaled Across All Channels and Formats
  • Focused On Direct Connections & Scale
  • Advanced Technology & Tools to Enhance the Ad Experience

Sharethrough is an omnichannel supply-side platform that focuses on advanced real-time bidding (RTB) technology. Its objective is to create a sustainable advertising ecosystem for journalists, content creators, and app developers. 

8) SpotX – Built for Optimal Efficiency in the Video Landscape

  • A complete video ad-serving platform
  • Simplify workflows while maximizing yield 
  • Monetize all your video inventory

SpotX is primarily a video-first supply-side platform that helps connect publishers to demand partners to sell video ad space and video ad inventory. The platform does the heavy lifting, including ad management and ad trafficking, while also providing publishers with video ad products. 

9) Criteo – The Easy-to-Use Supply Side Platform

  • Easy-to-use self-service platform
  • Self-service ad campaigns
  • Flexible control and transparent reporting

Criteo provides a diverse range of ads such as standard IAB, Sticky footer, native ads, rich media ads, and native API. Publishers can use this supply-side platform for Direct Bidder to increase their website’s ad revenue by establishing a direct connection between premium inventory and premium demand. 

10) Smaato – One of the Best Supply Side Platforms

  • Omnichannel platform
  • Safe and secure marketplace
  • An intuitive ad-serving solution with full monetization control 

Smaato’s digital ad technology platform is an all-in-one omnichannel monetization solution and free ad server. Smaato gives publishers unrivalled control over their income. Publishers may import their own data and manage all of their inventory in one spot.

11) Xandr – Best Supply-Side Platform for Ad Monetization

  • Streamlined buying and selling platform
  • Data-driven yield optimization
  • Holistic inventory and demand channel management 
  • Xandr SSP powers monetization through advanced tools

Xandr, previously known as AppNexus, can help you reach publishing partners like DSPs and sell your ad inventories through options like private auctions or open auctions. The supply-side platform uses prebid-powered header bidding technology, deal capabilities, and curated premium demand.

12) Media.Net – Supply Side Platform for Contextual Targeting

  • Filters the user’s intent via relevant search keywords
  • Easy access to high-quality display ads
  • Prioritize your user experience with native ads is part of the Bing and Yahoo! network. It gives publishers instant access to one of the most populated marketplaces for keyword-targeted advertisers. The size and scope of your niche make no difference, and you can find advertisers to match your content. 

13) Adform SSP – Unlock the True Value of your Inventory

  • Full DMP Integration
  • Detailed Reporting and Analytics
  • Multi-Channel
  • Rich Media Support

Adform’s SSP employs real-time bidding (RTB) to guarantee web and mobile publishers have more than enough top-grossing advertisers lined up. You can integrate Adform directly into your existing ad server and access premium ad networks. 

14) Teads SSP – Best Monetization Solution for Publishers

  • Traffic monitoring, real-time reporting/analytics
  • Troubleshooting + optimization tools
  • A range of tools to help publishers optimize their properties

Teads positions itself as the pioneer of out-stream video and the leading video advertising marketplace globally. Online publishers can connect with Teads to produce new video ad inventory to help monetize video content via programmatic buying.

15) Vistar Media – A DOOH Supply Side Platform

  • Bring contextually relevant ads to digital screens
  • Buyers can evaluate and bid on inventory in real-time
  • Connect buyers with digital out-of-home operators

Vistar Media presents publishers with an end-to-end programmatic revenue generation option. This comprises a supply-side platform (SSP), a demand-side platform (DSP), and digital signage software. The software enables automated, measurable, and data-driven digital out-of-home (DOOH) transactions.

Final Words

Top SSPs help publishers and advertisers to monetize inventory with ease in order to achieve greater results. According to industry experts, supply-side platforms are practically mandatory for publishers who want to stay competitive. 

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What are some of the best SSPs for Publishers in 2022-23?

1) Setupad
2) Pubmatic
3) ReklamStore
4) Sovrn
5) Teads
6) Magnite
7) Index Exchange
8) Smaato
9) SpotX
10) Xandr
11) Media.Net
12) Criteo
13) AdForm
14) Sharethrough
15) Vistar Media

What is the Use of SSPs for Digital Publishers?

Supply-Side Platforms allow publishers to connect their inventory to multiple ad exchanges, DSPs, and networks at once.

They connect to ad exchanges, ad networks, data-management platforms (DMPs) and demand-side platforms (DSPs) to sell ad inventory on behalf of publishers (e.g. websites and app owners).

What are the Benefits of Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs) for Publishers?

1) Transparent reporting system
2) Support for multiple ad formats
3) Best price floors
4) Control over ad display
5) Brand safety

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