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Best App Monetization Platforms for Publishers in 2023 & Beyond

How many hours does the average user spend on their phone on a daily? And with it, the stiff rush for businesses to create augmented mobile versions with in-app monetization doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. Especially when these app monetization platforms end up becoming a solid source of passive income.

Moreover, the overtly saturated market demands app developers to come up with innovative ways to bring in more funds and with it leading to the absolute necessity for app monetization. 

Top 10 App Monetization Platforms with Exciting Rewards

This blog post explains what app monetization platform you choose based on your app type, monetization goals, your users, and many other factors.

Let’s take a look at all these app monetization platforms in more detail.

1. AdMob – Google’s Smart App Monetization Platform

This platform is one of the most preferred platforms for app developers as it offers valuable features which go beyond offering in-app advertising. This platform is teeming with sponsors, from large global faces to smaller names in business, who’re eager to attain ad space in your mobile app. 

Special Features:

  • Offers relevant advertising that your consumers find helpful.
  • Uses innovation and non-intrusive ad formats.
  • Tries to bring you high-paying sponsors raising a solid income per thousand impressions. 
  • Brings before you the latest app monetization technology, including hybrid revenue models. 

Compatible with: iOS, Android, Unity, and C++

2. InMobi – An Innovative Approach to Success

 InMobi started as a small business venture, as simply an SMS-oriented search and monetization platform; it soon grew to be a top global innovative initiative. This independent platform didn’t take too many years before becoming a global hit and can help you climb the ladder of success too. 

Special Features:

  • Allows both app-based and web advertising and other exciting features, all that you need for app monetization.
  • Allows you to reach out to users and filter them not just by location but other criteria such as their OS, time, channel, device, operator, carrier, and so on.
  • Tap into a rich collection of ad formats and offer ads that elevate the user experience and not bring it down. 

Compatible with: iOS, Android, and Mobile Web.

3. Yahoo Developer Network – Analyze and Advertise 

Yahoo app publishing, a segment of the Yahoo Developer Network, is one of the leading platforms for publisher monetization due to the exciting and unique features the app offers. This flexible, easy-to-master and set-up mobile application allows anyone and everyone to monetize their gaming and mobile apps.

Special Features:

  • Allows different kinds and formats of advertising for the publisher to find their best pick.
  • Uses Flurry Analytics, which helps you to monitor, analyze and operate your app advertising.
  • Along with client-oriented rewards, this platform opens you to the flurry reward system and other monetization tools. 

Compatible with: Both iOS and Android apps.

4. Fyber – An Ecosystem of In-App Monetizers and Publishers

Fyber brings under one roof a large family of app developers, advertisers, DSPs, and other add networks and, along with it, the latest mediation techniques and advertising technologies. Fyber is a face of the future and is a world of its own, whether you’re a publisher or advertiser. 

Special Features:

  • Brings before you a blend of several DSPs, ad networks, and others who rush to bid on each impression, bringing high CPMs and, in turn, increased competition that drives your revenues higher.
  • It offers fresh and detailed data from your mediation partners, reports with plenty of enriched dimensions, and panned-out metrics to help you understand better your buyers’ preferences. 
  • Control type, content, and genre of advertising. 

Compatible with: Android, iOS, and Unity

5. Unity – The Best Game Monetizing Platform

Anyone familiar with the world of gaming is most probably familiar with the name Unity. There’s no better option if you’re looking for sources of mobile game monetization than this platform. It not only brings before you ways to monetize your apps but also helps you come up with quick reports of how your ad campaigns are performing.

Special Features:

  • You can merge your unity words with various helpful plugins from leading mediation companies. 
  • You can control your target audience and arrange them by demography, location, OS, and so on. 
  • Easily navigable dashboards with quick reporting of ad analytics. 

Compatible with: iOS, Android, Adobe Air, Corona, Marmalade, and Other Game Engines. 

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6. AppLovin – Automated App Monetization

Over 1.5 billion users are on AppLovin for its greatly helpful features and many flexible options, which opens up wide windows of opportunities for its publishers. The fast thriving establishment has welcomed under its umbrella another leading app monetization platform – MoPub. 

Special Features: 

  • Offers a greatly flexible monetization solution.
  • Enables mediation and bidding to retain the highest revenue per impression. 
  • It offers several ad types and formats, starting from rewarded videos to skippable ads and more. 
  • Allows Hybrid Monetization in several ways.

Compatible With: iOS and Android

7. AdColony – The Expert in Video Advertising

AdColony is brought by the publishers offering intelligent and creative ad solutions which provide great user engagement and higher CPMs. With 1.4 billion users, this app caters to a global audience allowing app monetization and also offline promotion.

Special Features:

  • Offers an array of ad formats – Aurora HD interactive video, Instant-Play HD video, and so on. 
  • Offers individual managers for each of their clients to provide expert advice on operations. 
  • Negotiable rates depend upon ad format and technology utilized. 

Compatible With: iOS, Unity, and Android

8. Iron Source – A Holistic and Versatile App-Monetization Platform

From supporting several ad formats to different mobile operators to even supporting multi-app monetization, Iron Source welcomes a large and diverse crowd from all around the world. With over a billion impressions daily, it is easily one of the world’s largest ad networks. 

Special Features:

  • Partner with world-class brands and games which compete to monetize your mobile app. 
  • Offers analytics solutions that allow you to monitor your app performance inside and out, offering solutions to not only support but boost up your app monetization.
  • Ensure that app performance remains smooth and offer unintrusive ads which support a smooth user experience.

Compatible With: iOS, Android, Unity, Adobe Air, and more.

And there you have the top solutions which help brings app developers each day reach a little closer to their dreams. 

9. Facebook/ Instagram – The Social Media Expert Monetizers 

While these mobile platforms aren’t exclusive app monetization platforms, they do cater to a wide audience in your grip. Starting off with a low budget? Don’t worry, Facebook and Instagram offer some of the most flexible solutions for publishers with any kind of budget. 

Special Features:

  • Allows you to segregate your audience with several demographics ranging from their jobs, age, location, and relationship status, and even narrowing down to their likes and interests. 
  • They offer an array of ad formats and types, including image, video poll, carousel, slideshow, instant experience, dynamic, lead, and several other forms of advertisement.
  • Offers easy and quick setups with straightforward solutions and high rewards. 

Compatible With: iOS and Android.

10. Audience Network – A Cross-Platform Solution by Facebook

While app developers cherish the success Facebook’s advertising brings them, they were for long frustrated for not being able to take it further than that. However, Audience Network is a platform that opens up that very door. 40% of the top and trending global apps partner with Audience Network for app monetization.

Special Features:

  • Allows you to save 50% of your time by offering efficient features such as quick bidding, also helping you to maximize your revenue.  
  • It helps introduce the appealing Native ads that flatter your platform and welcome 7-8 times the normal rate of user impressions, along with other creative ad formats.
  • Audience Network allows multiple platform advertising even when the user is not on Facebook.

Compatible with: Android and iOS

FAQs Related to Mobile App Monetization Platforms

What are the Different Mobile Ad Formats?

Mobile ads generally have five formats – Interstitial, Native, Banner, OfferWall, and Rich Media Ads. 

What are the Mobile Ad Target Parameters?

Publishers and marketers usually divide their target audience by their geographic location, their carriers, their device, operating system, mobile network or connection, gender, other demographic criteria, and most importantly, user interests. 

Can You Earn Money through a Free App?

If you develop a free mobile application, there are several ways, such as in-app purchases, in-app advertising, affiliate marketing, getting sponsors, and some other creative ways, but you can still bring in a solid passive income.

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