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PageFair Review (Blockthrough): Factsheet, Overview, Pros, and Cons

Uponit Review Factsheet:

  • Founded in: 2015
  • Supported model: CPM 
  • Payment method: Paypal and Wire Transfer
  • Supported language: English 
  • Reporting: Uponit’s publisher dashboard is easy to use and has basic reporting features. 
  • Specialties: Bypassing Adblock, Technology, Adtech Cyber, and Ad recovery
  • Website:
  • Employee count: 10-25

Uponit Review Overview:

Uponit (n0w blockthrough) is a sophisticated ad recovery platform today. This ad tech platform is designed to protect publishers’​ online ad business by restoring their blocked ad inventory. 

Using machine learning technologies, blockthrough helps publishers analyse and restore their blocked ad inventory and also communicate with their ad blocking audience. 

Ad Blocking, triggered by users who find ads heavy, irrelevant, intrusive, or simply unsafe puts online publishers at great financial loss. 

Blockthrough understands the dilemma of both publishers and internet users. ​It balances between users’ right to seamless browsing experience and publishers’ right to monetize their online business. 

Uponit’s ad recovery solution ensures fair play between publishers and website users by removing outside interference and providing non-intrusive and interactive ad delivery experience. 

Uponit Review: Key Features

Here’s some of the best features of Uponit ad network:

​​1. Recover ad block revenue:

Most sites have adblock rates of 10-40%. This means, publishers and website owners are leaving significant money on the table. Blockthrough helps publishers recover revenue through their blocked inventory. Furthermore, there’s no upfront costs or setup fee for this. 

2. Deliver better ad experiences:

Blockthrough ensures delivery of better ad experiences. For example, ads are only served to opted-in users, and users always have an option to opt out of ads at any time. 

3. All ads comply with acceptable  ads standards   

Whether that be ad placement, size, or distinction, blockthrough takes care of all compliance requirements of both acceptable ads and better ads. This ensures that ads do not disrupt the natural reading flow or user experience. 

4. Minimal dev work required: 

Getting started is easy on blockthrough. The platform requires minimal dev work, which means you don’t need to have technical experience. Furthermore, you can always bank on blockthrough’s clear, easy to use instructions provided by their technical team.

5. Ad Recovery calculator: 

With blockthrough, you can find out exactly how much revenue your website is losing to ad blocking. Most publishers have an ad blocking rate of  10-40%, depending on industry vertical,  traffic geo, ad density, and other factors. 

6. AdBlock Analytics 

Blockthrough also offers a robust adblock analytics platform for publishers where they can accurately measure the adblock rate, quantify their revenue recovery opportunity, and initiate the set up for adblock recovery. 

7. Dedicated Account Manager

Publishers on Uponit get to partner with exclusive account managers and experts who help them build new strategies, understand key trends, and boost revenue.

8. 24/7 Support 

Uponit is known for their 24/7 customer service. Their team works in three different continents, so they’re always available to address customer queries.

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Uponit Review: Advantages  

Uponit offers following advantages to the publishers :

  • Blockthrough  adheres to the Acceptable Ads standard, ensuring the ads are user-friendly and non-obstructive.
  • Since blockthrough complies with Acceptable Ads guidelines for ad serving, there is no UX impact from the ads being served.
  • Uponit ads don’t load until content comes into view. This ensures an excellent viewability rate. 
  • Website users have the last say on whether they want to view ads or not. This ensures publishers are not showing ads to anyone on your website.

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Uponit Review: Disadvantages

Uponit is a promising ad recovery platform, but it has few drawbacks as well: 

  • Uponit ads are not compatible with Google Adsense, which means, publishers cannot use both these ad networks on the same webpage.
  • Their primary focus is on the adblocked traffic. Hence, it is not for publishers who do not have significant ad blocked traffic and want to simply bank on regular traffic.

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How to get started on Uponit:

The signup and approval process is easy on Uponit. Publishers can apply by signing up on their website and seeking approval. Uponit also approved small websites with fewer content and adblocked traffic.

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Uponit Review Conclusion:

Uponit is a powerful advertising network. However, it’s not suitable for all publishers. It will be suitable for sites that have a significant amount of adblocked traffic. In all other cases it is not worth using it.

AdPushup vs Uponit review:

AdPushup is a full-stack ad revenue optimization platform for publishers. The features include ad layout optimization, header bidding implementation, automated A/B testing, and adblock recovery.

The ad ops team at AdPushup takes care of all the heavy lifting of tasks related to operations and inventory management. Additionally, they have demand-partnership with top-tier ad networks and exchanges such as Google AdX, AppNexus, Rubicon, and OpenX, among others.

AdPushup is a Google Certified Publishing Partner and trusted by 300+ publishers including CNET, Deccan Chronicle, NDTV, and more.

Google Certified Publishing Partner✔️
A/B testing for all ad types (not just in-line images)✔️
AdBlock Monetization (Pro-user & ad reinsertion technology)✔️✔️
Automated Layout Optimization With ML✔️
Advanced Solutions (control over HB auctions, bid caching, unified bidding module)✔️
Adrefresh Solution✔️
Advanced Unified Reporting (9 dimensions and 8 filters)✔️
Video ads✔️
AdPushup vs Uponit review

On an average, AdPushup offers a 40% revenue uplift for their publishing partners. Simply put, Adpushup assures Managed Demand, Adblock Recovery, and Greater Revenue.

Get on a call with AdPushup to understand the potential of your inventory.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Uponit?
  • Uponit (n0w blockthrough) is a sophisticated ad recovery platform today. This ad tech platform is designed to protect publishers’​ online ad business by restoring their blocked ad inventory. 

  • What is adblock recovery?
  • A lot of internet users have started installing ad blockers on their computer to avoid dealing with intrusive, heavy, and malware containing ads. Blockthrough’s adblock recovery solution allows publishers to serve light-spec ads that ensure better UX standards, and serve ads only to opted-in users.

  • How much does blockthrough charge?
  • There is no recurring or fixed charges for using blockthrough’s technology. They instead work with publishers and retain a percentage of the recovered revenue as their technology fees.

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