4 UI/UX Problems You Need to Fix Before Optimising Your Banner Ads


On this blog, we talk a lot about optimising ads. However, the underlying assumption about most such advice is that your website is not bogged down with any functional problems—to draw an analogy from the auto world—why would bother with a paint job if your car’s engine is malfunctioning?

Design and content are at the heart of your website, if any one of those components don’t work, that’s a bottleneck you need to fix before doing anything else, including trying to optimise your ads. Here are 4 most common UI/UX problems that websites have and how you can fix them.

20 Useful Apps and Tools for AdSense Publishers

20 Useful Apps and Tools for AdSense Publishers

Google AdSense provides a simple and functional console to publishers for managing ads and viewing revenue data—but what if you could access this data even more conveniently on the move whenever you liked?

This collection of mobile, desktop, and web apps will help you stay on top of your AdSesne account activity and make you a more efficient AdSense user.

6 WordPress Ad Plugins to Set Up and Manage Your Ad Layout

WordPress Advertisement Plugins

Displaying ads is by far the easiest way to monetize your website. A staggering amount of blogs and websites are created with this singular purpose in mind – publishing good content, generating organic traffic, and getting paid for displaying ads on web pages.

WordPress gives you many tools to accomplish all this in a seemingly easy way — publishing (it’s the most popular CMS in the market), search optimization (we’ve got great plugins like All-in-One SEO pack and Yoast!), and plugins to display your ads.