The Top 5 Best Affiliate Ad Networks to Generate Additional Revenue

Best affiliate ad networks

A multi-billion dollar business, affiliate marketing is a great way to make income online, and it has led to the success of many. Merchants are looking for ways to boost their sales through innovative marketing strategies; a void that publishers have come to fill.

Many merchants work directly with publishers, but there are dozens of affiliate ad networks that connect publishers with merchant offers.

14 High Paying AdSense Alternatives

Don’t want to work with Google AdSense? No problem. There are many alternative ad networks available for those who don’t want or can’t work with Google for some reason.

Let’s look at some common scenarios in which people seek out AdSense alternatives.

Reasons to Look For AdSense Alternatives

There are many reasons to look for alternative ad networks and other ways to monetize your sites. The most popular reasons I hear are: