4 Emerging Advertising Trends That You Shouldn’t Ignore

4 Emerging Advertising Trends That You Shouldn't Ignore

This is a guest contribution by Paul Jacobson, Content Marketing Strategist at imonomy interactive, an in-image advertising technology solution provider.

Traditional banner advertising has been the mainstay of online publishers and advertisers for decades, but that is rapidly changing.

What we’re seeing now is a strong and multi-faceted shift away from banner ads to a growing number of next-generation online monetization and traffic generation options that you should explore if you haven’t already.

Growth of Social Media in Real Time [Interactive Infographic]

social media

This is a guest contribution by Zuzana Padychova. She is a “glocal” marketer, helping international SMEs to adapt and execute their global business strategies in local markets. Her focus is on digital marketing communication and trade shows. She has worked with teams from 27 countries over 5 continents and coordinated a participation of companies in 30+ trade shows in 10 countries. She is on a team of digital marketers developing a network of Coupofy online startups.

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