7 Google AdSense Hacks to Drive More Revenue

7 Google AdSense Hacks to Drive More Revenue

AdSense is everywhere you look; from dictionary sites, eHow websites, to your favorite makeup tutorial site—but few publishers ever go beyond the initial set up, you need some AdSense hacks to make the most of your account.

Managing an AdSense account can be challenging, though, at least in the beginning. We’ve already published several posts on how to optimize your AdSense account to increase your revenue:

Google AdSense Recalls Text Ad Arrow and Revenues Fall

Google AdSense recalls text arrows

There’s a major concern in the Google AdSense community nowadays and it all started when these arrows were found missing their usual spot.

First Sighting of the Nessie Arrows

Back in late 2012, Google had implemented these arrows next to their text ads in what was dubbed as the biggest makeover in AdSense. These arrows, fondly referred to as “Nessie Arrows”, were placed by Google in order to aid users with “fat fingers”, to help click their ads if they were using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.