4 Case Studies in What Makes Content Go Viral

4 Case Studies in What Makes Content Go Viral

Why makes some content so shareable? If you’re a content publisher, you can’t help but wonder why. Why is it that one post can effortlessly amass thousands of shares on social media while another, despite being informative, lacks even a nominal amount of engagement?

It’s easy to believe that the success of a content depends on pure chance. Or maybe that there’s a magic trick which only successful publishers know about.

10 Ways You Can Optimize AdSense for More Revenue

stop leaving your ad money on the table

AdSense is the most popular ad network on the planet and for good reason: It’s technologically robust, has a great pool of advertisers, and is absolutely free. No wonder so many publisher sign up for it.

Unfortunately, for most, it ends right there — a vast majority of publishers make little effort to optimize AdSense once they’ve initially set it up with one or two ads units randomly placed anywhere on their website. This is a cause for concern because the lack of ad optimization equates to a direct loss of potential revenue. But wait, what is ad optimization anyway? Glad you asked.

3 Science-Based Tactics to Improve Your Website’s User Experience

3 Science-Based Tactics to Improve Your Website's User Experience (2)

If you’re like most bloggers, you probably consider page views as the main metric for measuring your blog’s success.

However, as many expert bloggers and content marketers would tell you, page views is only one part of a more complex analytical game. It may be the standard metric used in the traditional publishing industry, but it’s not everything.

Sample Media Kit Template for Bloggers and Publishers

Having a media kit is essential for bloggers and publishers because it makes it easy for decision makers to take an informed call about your website

Picture this: An advertiser happens to land your website. They like what they see and would like to advertise on it, but then they start looking for a media kit and can’t find one. They could send you an email to get all the information they’re seeking, sure, but that’s definitely not making things easy for them. And you know how we’re so easily distracted these da… wait, they’ve gone to another website already — ad money in tow.