10 WordPress Security Tips to Defend Your Site From Hackers [Infographic]

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WordPress is a popular choice among bloggers and web publishers alike. As a CMS, WordPress promises a lot of features and benefits to its users such as a simple to use interface, flexibility in terms of the content that it can handle, a wide array of publishing tools, a huge library of free and paid plugins, among other things. According to WordPress.org, WordPress is currently running 24% of the worldwide web, making it the most used CMS in the market today.

However, lately, WordPress has also been a favorite target for hackers.

Because of its popularity, many organized cyber criminals choose WordPress websites to install ransomware on the end user’s machine, distribute malicious programs through the contact database of the website, or worse, gain access to confidential data such as credit card information and bank accounts.

To counter these threats, this visual guide from WP Shrug provides some WordPress security tips that you can use to safeguard your website.