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7 Quick Tips for Building High-Converting Landing Pages

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Are your sales pages leaving much to be desired? With tanking conversion rates around every corner of the web, it’s vital for marketers to create high-converting landing pages. Easier said than done, right?

Wrong! Despite what you’ve been told, it really isn’t that hard to create sales and landing pages that close the sale. You just have to stop thinking so hard about it. I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out: Online marketers always over think the landing page.

They get so caught up trying to create a hallmark for their product or service, that they forget to tell the prospect how the offer can actually benefit their life.

In other words, they’re too close to the product. So before you lose your hair over landing pages, take a moment to step away. Think about what you’re offering from an organic perspective. If you were a customer, what would get you to click?

This is the first step in a process we like to conversion optimization. Conversion optimization is the process of increasing the percentage of people who click your offers.

We won’t dive into the process in this article, but we will touch on a few CTR or conversion rate optimization tips that can help boost conversions on your pages.

Here are 7 tips for building high-converting landing pages.

1. Professional and Responsive Design

Your landing pages should keep high conversion design in mind, with CTAs above the fold and information clearly presented throughout the page. They don’t have to be modeled off of your website, but you need to include some branding elements on your landing pages that visitors will recognize.

More important than the ‘wow’ factor of your design is its accessibility. Much like everything else on the internet, your landing page needs to have mobile capability.

You can make responsive landing pages quickly with websites like LeadPages.

Image Source: optimizepresspro

With their clever page creator, you can design and set-up your metrics in the same place.

2. An Irresistible Headline

The headlines on a landing page should be to the point. They should highlight the service or product as a solution to the customer’s problem. You want content that grabs attention and tells the reader exactly what they are getting with the product or offer.

Use headlines to present facts, highlight key points, ask questions, and to answer them too. Your headlines are the tools for attracting readers to your content.

Here are a few headline formats you can use on your landing pages:

Image Source: Buffer App

3. A Clear Offer

You’d be surprised how many sales pages you can scroll all the way through and still have no idea what they’re trying to sell.

Don’t be that guy. Blocks of text are great in a white paper, but on sales page it’s different: I want you to tell me why I should buy your product.

Spend the precious content space to outline the offer and tell your customers exactly what they can expect to gain from the transaction.

Image Source: LegalMorning

4. A Relevant Offer

The most important thing is relevance. Your landing page needs to be seen by the right person at the right time. Make sure that when you offer your product or service, you are offering it to the right people. Taking the time to really know your customer will help your landing page conversion rates immensely.

You wouldn’t try to sell baby blankets to adults that don’t have children, would you?

Irrelevant offers and landing pages can have the same effect baby toys do on 35-year-old men with no children.

5. Powerful CTAs

The call to action buttons (CTAs) should be big. Not only in size, but also in visual presence. Make sure they really stand out on the page, so your customer knows where to click with to receive your offer.

Make sure they speak to your customer and tell them exactly where to go to get what they want. “Order Now” “Buy Here” “Get Yours Here” “Get It Before It’s Gone” are a few examples to get your started. Once you’re feeling confident, you can get creative.

Take a look at these call-to-actions from QuickSprout:

6. A Clear Formatting

Your landing page should look different from your normal website. It should have certain visual differences that help you convert. The landing page should have limited, or no navigation on the top of the page. You want your customer to stay and read your content. I mean, you took all that time creating it.

You also want your sections to have clear separations as your landing page scrolls through its content, testimonials, offers, and contacts.

7. Testimonials

Testimonials are a great thing to have on a landing page. Positive reviews on a landing page can help leads convert that might otherwise not. Seeing other happy customers builds a quality reputation for your product and yourself. What others say about you and your product far outweighs what you say about your product.


With all 7 elements in place, the landing pages in your marketing efforts are bound to convert at a higher rate. If you’re still not seeing improvement after optimizing your landing pages, it’s a sign that you’re looking for love in all the wrong places.

Take a look at your traffic sources. Take a look at your marketing strategy.

No amount of optimization will help an offer that’s being promoted in the wrong place.